Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Washington Generals Get A Shout Out On The Colbert Report

The Colbert Report, a TV series on Comedy Central that parodies conservative news shows, recently did an interview with sport writer and book author Frank Deford.

Among plugging his books and other topics Deford briefly talked about playing a game as a Guest General against the Globetrotters in Italy. The interview is below.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Randomness 40th Edition

In an article last week about the L.A. Clippers the commented on being happy that Clippers long time voice Ralph Lawler got to see some good basketball, after watching more bad basketball then Red Klotz. While readers know I totally disagree that the Generals are "bad basketball" given their circumstances, I loved that Red Klotz was mentioned in an article not about the Generals. Implying his reputation in basketball goes beyond having to explain. To read the article CLICK HERE!

The Jewish Press did an article about a recent game between the Elite and the Globetrotters. It was a good article, but my favorite part was the author talking about what great showmen everyone was, including the opposing team. He seemed to be up on Globetrotter history, so considering where it was being reported I am surprised that he didn't talk about the Elite's (AKA former Washington Generals) deep Jewish roots.

The article was also interesting in showing the cultural diversity the Elite and Globetrotters deal with in their travels. As he talked about the uncomfortable nature of many of their routines that here in the states we would not think twice about. The article also showed how well the Globetrotters handled it when he respectfully addressed the issue with "Sweet Lou". Definitley an interesting read and not the same old fluff piece that since starting this blog I have read over and over again. (Seriously, reading article after article from someone talking about the Globetrotters hitting their town. You would be surprised how much so many of them start to all sound alike)

To read the article you can CLICK HERE!

I came across a short article on Doug Stewart being contacted by Brown in regards to a head coaching job. Steward, who has been part of the coaching staff at Oregon State for the last several years, was a long time member and former team captain for the New York Nationals. And was seen playing for the team during the Globetrotters ESPN Christimas Special, which turned out to be their last televised game for over a decade. To read the article CLICK HERE!

And to close off this edition, here is a video from a recent game of the International Elite performing the keep away trick with the Globetrotters. Which ended with a nice nothing but net 4-point shot. Note: The sound is kind of loud in this one, so you might want to turn it down before playing the video.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Congratulations To The Elite/Select On Another Completed American Tour

Photo by Keith Jones.
Used with Permission.
This is slightly premature as the team is finishing their final week in Hawaii against the Globetrotters. But I want to congratulate the International Elite/Global Select (if this dual name thing continues, I'm going to have to figure out an easier way to type it.) on finishing the 2012 North America Tour.

This isn't really the end of their "season" as the team will have many games overseas coming up, not to mention another military tour and another series in their "home town" of Willwood, NJ this summer. But as far as the US tour is concerned the team will basically be calling it quits until the 2013 tour. I still hold out hope with the tour will come a return to the Green and Gold, but of course they have my support no matter what their uniforms say on them.

I hope most of you reading this blog had the pleasure of seeing them perform with the Harlem Globetrotters. I got the pleasure of taking my nephew to his first Harlem Globetrotters game and it was a memory I hope will last a lifetime for him.

Although, I think he was embarrassed when I cheered for the International Elite (in a respectable way that in no way involved booing the Globetrotters. Like any good fan of the team should) but he still had fun.

Here is looking forward to covering the team as they begin the international legs of the tour (which usually comes with some new signings) and looking forward to 2013 already.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Harlem Globetrotters To Guest Star On "Kickin' It"

The Harlem Globetrotters will be appearing in an episode of the Disney XD tv series "Kickin' It". I

 have no idea what that show is about, but I do know Disney XD is a cable channel aimed more for boys the the current Disney Channel's more girl centric shows. It has something to do with them playing against the stars in a basketball game. Who will likely learn how the Generals have been feeling every game since 1971.

Interestingly it looks like it will have Big Easy and Special K both together in the game. Now THAT is just plain unrealistic. 

I will TIVO the episode and depending on if I think it's worth reviewing on this site I might be following this with a review. Although it looks like the Generals/Elite/Select won't be present in it. Although that isn't really surprising, the number of times the Generals appeared on any Globetrotter appearance not in a reality show is very, very small.


Trotters Guest Star in "Kickin' It"

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vintage Washington Generals

Here is a video I came across of the Harlem Globetrotters, let by Sweet Lou Dunbar taking on the Washington Generals. This was the last season the Generals played under that name before starting their 12 year tenure as their second most famous identity, the New York Nationals.

Incedently, while a lot of people think of Meadowlark when they think of the TRUE Globetrotter showman, Sweet Lou was the Generals lead arch rival during my childhood.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Randomness - 39th Edition

Photo by Brian Collins. Used with permission. 
I came across a nice article worth sharing on current Elite/Select player William "Bill" Richardson. Who as well as playing for them is a Forward for the IBL Basketball team the Olympia Reign. To read it CLICK HERE!

The Bellingham Herald, of Bellingham, WA did a great article of former Washington General and current Harlem Globetrotter, Jonte "Too Tall" Hall. To read it CLICK HERE!

Patrick Strait wrote an article the Global Select and International Elite MUST read giving tips on how to finally beat the Harlem Globetrotters. To read it CLICK HERE!

I found an excellent post about the history of the Globetrotters and the infamous 1971 win that is a must read for any Generals fan. To read it CLICK HERE! 

Here is an article from The Daily Athenaeum about a game earlier in the week citing how the International Elite was ahead most of the game. Not surprising they couldn't pull off the win, but always glad to see someone give them their props. They did take a small stab at the "Almost too good to be true, seemingly scripted win" but come on, no one is impressed when you imply wrestling is "fake" either. To read the article CLICK HERE!

Another good account of a game between the Global Select and the Globetrotters can be found HERE!

I came across an interesting article from a year ago, mentioning some of the Harlem Globetrotters most notable losses. Including to no surprise the New Jersey Red's infamous 1971 win. As well as their loss to Langston (from my home state) lead by future Globetrotter Superstar Marques Haynes. The Trotters aren't beatable Elite and Select. Don't give up hope! To read it CLICK HERE!

Finally here is a YouTube video posted recently by YouTube user Bballstar529. It shows the Select, after a slow start, turning it around and gaining the lead (until they eventually lost of course. What can you do?). Which is due mostly to Eric Beal's excellent three-pointers as well as Anthony Smith at the free-throw, who I swear could make a free throw if the Globetrotters drove a semi-truck behind him. Although to be fair he has had a lot of practice.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fan Trailer For Washington Generals Movie

I was working on my latest Randomness post, but decided that this video was simply too awesome to not give it's own post.

Not much to say, you just have to see it. But I will say this is the work of some awesome and dedicated fellow Washington Generals fans.

I urge fellow Generals Fans to go to their YouTube link and Comment and Like this video and show the world we support the Washington Generals. And who knows, maybe it will lead to them even bringing back
the Green and Gold.