Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Washington Generals Get A Shout Out On The Colbert Report

The Colbert Report, a TV series on Comedy Central that parodies conservative news shows, recently did an interview with sport writer and book author Frank Deford.

Among plugging his books and other topics Deford briefly talked about playing a game as a Guest General against the Globetrotters in Italy. The interview is below.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Randomness 40th Edition

In an article last week about the L.A. Clippers the commented on being happy that Clippers long time voice Ralph Lawler got to see some good basketball, after watching more bad basketball then Red Klotz. While readers know I totally disagree that the Generals are "bad basketball" given their circumstances, I loved that Red Klotz was mentioned in an article not about the Generals. Implying his reputation in basketball goes beyond having to explain. To read the article CLICK HERE!

The Jewish Press did an article about a recent game between the Elite and the Globetrotters. It was a good article, but my favorite part was the author talking about what great showmen everyone was, including the opposing team. He seemed to be up on Globetrotter history, so considering where it was being reported I am surprised that he didn't talk about the Elite's (AKA former Washington Generals) deep Jewish roots.

The article was also interesting in showing the cultural diversity the Elite and Globetrotters deal with in their travels. As he talked about the uncomfortable nature of many of their routines that here in the states we would not think twice about. The article also showed how well the Globetrotters handled it when he respectfully addressed the issue with "Sweet Lou". Definitley an interesting read and not the same old fluff piece that since starting this blog I have read over and over again. (Seriously, reading article after article from someone talking about the Globetrotters hitting their town. You would be surprised how much so many of them start to all sound alike)

To read the article you can CLICK HERE!

I came across a short article on Doug Stewart being contacted by Brown in regards to a head coaching job. Steward, who has been part of the coaching staff at Oregon State for the last several years, was a long time member and former team captain for the New York Nationals. And was seen playing for the team during the Globetrotters ESPN Christimas Special, which turned out to be their last televised game for over a decade. To read the article CLICK HERE!

And to close off this edition, here is a video from a recent game of the International Elite performing the keep away trick with the Globetrotters. Which ended with a nice nothing but net 4-point shot. Note: The sound is kind of loud in this one, so you might want to turn it down before playing the video.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Congratulations To The Elite/Select On Another Completed American Tour

Photo by Keith Jones.
Used with Permission.
This is slightly premature as the team is finishing their final week in Hawaii against the Globetrotters. But I want to congratulate the International Elite/Global Select (if this dual name thing continues, I'm going to have to figure out an easier way to type it.) on finishing the 2012 North America Tour.

This isn't really the end of their "season" as the team will have many games overseas coming up, not to mention another military tour and another series in their "home town" of Willwood, NJ this summer. But as far as the US tour is concerned the team will basically be calling it quits until the 2013 tour. I still hold out hope with the tour will come a return to the Green and Gold, but of course they have my support no matter what their uniforms say on them.

I hope most of you reading this blog had the pleasure of seeing them perform with the Harlem Globetrotters. I got the pleasure of taking my nephew to his first Harlem Globetrotters game and it was a memory I hope will last a lifetime for him.

Although, I think he was embarrassed when I cheered for the International Elite (in a respectable way that in no way involved booing the Globetrotters. Like any good fan of the team should) but he still had fun.

Here is looking forward to covering the team as they begin the international legs of the tour (which usually comes with some new signings) and looking forward to 2013 already.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Harlem Globetrotters To Guest Star On "Kickin' It"

The Harlem Globetrotters will be appearing in an episode of the Disney XD tv series "Kickin' It". I

 have no idea what that show is about, but I do know Disney XD is a cable channel aimed more for boys the the current Disney Channel's more girl centric shows. It has something to do with them playing against the stars in a basketball game. Who will likely learn how the Generals have been feeling every game since 1971.

Interestingly it looks like it will have Big Easy and Special K both together in the game. Now THAT is just plain unrealistic. 

I will TIVO the episode and depending on if I think it's worth reviewing on this site I might be following this with a review. Although it looks like the Generals/Elite/Select won't be present in it. Although that isn't really surprising, the number of times the Generals appeared on any Globetrotter appearance not in a reality show is very, very small.


Trotters Guest Star in "Kickin' It"

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vintage Washington Generals

Here is a video I came across of the Harlem Globetrotters, let by Sweet Lou Dunbar taking on the Washington Generals. This was the last season the Generals played under that name before starting their 12 year tenure as their second most famous identity, the New York Nationals.

Incedently, while a lot of people think of Meadowlark when they think of the TRUE Globetrotter showman, Sweet Lou was the Generals lead arch rival during my childhood.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Randomness - 39th Edition

Photo by Brian Collins. Used with permission. 
I came across a nice article worth sharing on current Elite/Select player William "Bill" Richardson. Who as well as playing for them is a Forward for the IBL Basketball team the Olympia Reign. To read it CLICK HERE!

The Bellingham Herald, of Bellingham, WA did a great article of former Washington General and current Harlem Globetrotter, Jonte "Too Tall" Hall. To read it CLICK HERE!

Patrick Strait wrote an article the Global Select and International Elite MUST read giving tips on how to finally beat the Harlem Globetrotters. To read it CLICK HERE!

I found an excellent post about the history of the Globetrotters and the infamous 1971 win that is a must read for any Generals fan. To read it CLICK HERE! 

Here is an article from The Daily Athenaeum about a game earlier in the week citing how the International Elite was ahead most of the game. Not surprising they couldn't pull off the win, but always glad to see someone give them their props. They did take a small stab at the "Almost too good to be true, seemingly scripted win" but come on, no one is impressed when you imply wrestling is "fake" either. To read the article CLICK HERE!

Another good account of a game between the Global Select and the Globetrotters can be found HERE!

I came across an interesting article from a year ago, mentioning some of the Harlem Globetrotters most notable losses. Including to no surprise the New Jersey Red's infamous 1971 win. As well as their loss to Langston (from my home state) lead by future Globetrotter Superstar Marques Haynes. The Trotters aren't beatable Elite and Select. Don't give up hope! To read it CLICK HERE!

Finally here is a YouTube video posted recently by YouTube user Bballstar529. It shows the Select, after a slow start, turning it around and gaining the lead (until they eventually lost of course. What can you do?). Which is due mostly to Eric Beal's excellent three-pointers as well as Anthony Smith at the free-throw, who I swear could make a free throw if the Globetrotters drove a semi-truck behind him. Although to be fair he has had a lot of practice.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fan Trailer For Washington Generals Movie

I was working on my latest Randomness post, but decided that this video was simply too awesome to not give it's own post.

Not much to say, you just have to see it. But I will say this is the work of some awesome and dedicated fellow Washington Generals fans.

I urge fellow Generals Fans to go to their YouTube link and Comment and Like this video and show the world we support the Washington Generals. And who knows, maybe it will lead to them even bringing back
the Green and Gold.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Best Of The Guest Generals: Krusty the Clown

Many local TV personalities have played as Guest Generals over the years. But perhaps none have ever had quite as big of an investment in the role as when they traveled to Springfield in the great state of... well we all know where that is located don't we?

In the town of Springfield, perhaps no TV personality is more known to local children than Krusty the Clown. Born Herschel Shmoikel Pinchas Yerucham Krustofski, Krusty dreamed of entertaining kids while cashing in on his fame and getting really, REALLY drunk. And so Herschel followed his dream of doing slapstick and carved his own path.

Adopting the name Krusty the Clown, he became loved by a generation of Children throughout Springfield. A generation who's childhood has lasted 23 years and counting. Don't ask me how that happened, something is in the water in that town.

His tenure has not been without controversy, as Krusty has been dealt his fare share of setbacks. They include gambling and alcohol addictions, mob ties, a contest scandal during the 1980 Olympics and often being less than kid friendly in his personal life.

One such instance was when he franchised his name, but lost the money he made betting on the Washington Generals in a game against the Globetrotters. Most would agree that wasn't the smartest move (He should have just bet fifty cents, the money he would win would have set him for life.) But it is nice to know someone believed in the Generals.

Krusty swore to one day undo that mistake. And when the Washington Generals came to Springfield, he had his chance.

But like his television career his tenure as a Guest General was not without controversy. Players reported a heated confrontation with Reggie Harrison, coach of the Generals, as Krusty was seen lecturing the Generals backstage.

Comments such as "How did you even get on a basketball team, you're so short?", "Don't spread your legs apart so far, they will bounce the ball under you!", "They wouldn't always pull your pants down if you wouldn't take so long to make a free throw shot, moron!", and "Who here needs a tutorial in the difference between a basketball and a beach ball full of helium? Lets take care of this right now!", were heard in the locker room.

The game was not without similar setbacks as Krusty was seen yelling repeatedly at the referees for their questionable calls. Although to be fair, isn't it about time someone in Green and Gold called them on their B.S.?

He also generated a lot of anger as he yelled at player Shawn Faust with directions, "He's spinning the ball on his finger! Just take it! Take the ball!"

Things got worse when it was finally Krusty's time to get on the court. Which happened early in the first quarter. It is unusual for a Guest General to be out so early, but speculation is Coach Harrison just wanted to get it over with in this case.

A small confrontation arose when Globetrotter showman Special K offered Krusty his free three point shot. Seems Krusty disagreed with Special K's assessment he was a nice guy. Although Krusty's hefting the ball 10 feet in the worlds biggest air ball probably didn't help make him look good either. Seems a lifetime of beer and cigarette's don't do much to help with athletic skills.

After offering Krusty a three point shot Krust was seen making a gesture not suitable for repeating in a family blog like this one, and trying to go for a layup instead. Which he missed.

The Globetrotters went into their usual routine of sitting down as Krusty continued to try for his shots. Hoever, as his attempts neared the five minute mark with no basket and the children's show host huffing and puffing, the crowd grew restless. Although the Trotters were said to appreciate the extra time for a nap, what with their schedule being so grueling.

Mercifully, Globetrotter "Scooter" finally took the ball from Krusty after an embarrassing tug of war for the ball. He then shot the ball himself, scoring for the Generals to mercifully end the routine, as he feared the residents of Springfield would eventually grow old waiting for Krusty to make the shot himself.

This didn't sit well with the Generals most temperamental player, as he argued and eventually challenged Scotter to a fight. While taunting, "what's wrong Globetrotter... need a ladder?"

Security finally came and dragged Krusty out kicking and screaming. He was last heard on the arena yelling, "You losers better pull it together! I got money on this game!" His incentive didn't help as the Generals lost once more that night.

The head of the local studio was seen by one witness with his face in his hands while muttering, "I should have gone with Brockman!"


And on another note for anyone who hasn't actually figured it out yet. Happy April Fools day!

And for those of you who thought this post was dumb... at least I didn't post "Washington Generals beat Globetrotters". How predictable and lame of an attempt at an April Fools joke would that have been?


Krusty the Clown on Wikipedia

Simpson Crazy - A Simspons Fan Site

Another Globetrotter Related April Fools Day Joke

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Randomness -39th Edition - Includes Site Announcement

Before I get into this weeks Randomness, I wanted to get into some site news. As some of you, I am sure, have noticed I am not updating as frequently as I used to. I won't get into what happened, as I am sure no one wants excuses. But suffice it to say I have been a bit more busy than I was when I started this site. 

As such post to this blog will be a little slower than usual for the moment. It doesn't mean I am giving up on this blog. On the contrary, I still love the Generals as much as ever, new name and "Black and Yellow" and everything. Just for the immediate future updates may be a bit slower. 

I don't know how long this will continue. It shouldn't be too long, but I don't want to give a specific time table and then not keep to it. As I know that would be worse. 

I will do my best to make the updates I have count, and will still keep on top of what is going on in Washington General's land and of course update on "breaking news" as fast as I can. I also am working on some new "Top Player" entries which will include some Generals that have long been overdue for one. 

So please, bear with me and keep visiting. In exchange I will do my best to not only get back to more frequent updates as soon as possible. But emphasize quality over quantity in the meantime, and beyond. 

With that out of the way...

I just came across this but a quick congratulations to the International Elite and Harlem Globetrotters for selling out the Florida Atlantic University arena earlier this month. To read about the game CLICK HERE!

A blog called Bringham's Blog did a post on our favorite sports team which can be read HERE!

There was also an excellent article about the Elite's game against the Globetrotters in Northwest Georgia Trade and Convention Center You can read it HERE!

There was a brief article mentioning the upcoming game in the Washington Generals "quasi home town" of Washington, DC that you can read HERE!

This is Globetrotter related, but here is a list I came across of the "25 Greatest Harlem Globetrotter Players of All Time" from Yahoo Sports!. Unfortunatley none of the Generals to cross over to the Globetrotters made the cut (was holding out hope Gene Hudgins or Clyde Sinclair would make his list. But no such luck), but it is still an interesting list. To read it CLICK HERE!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Game Coverage From The Elite's Game At The University Of Oregon in the Matthew Knight Arena

YouTube user  kwebb121765 posted just under an hour of footage from the February 24th game in the Matthew Knight Arena in Oregon State. (which would sound like the whole game, but he recorded plenty of comedy reams and the like as well as game play). These clips are apparently in 3D also, but someone with 3D capability will have to tell me if it works.

So here is the rundown for you guys...

Features the introduction, which runs down the game being the championship and the losing team not being able to play at the 2013 tour.

The features the INTERTNATIONAL ELITE INTRODUCTORY VIDEO IN IT'S ENTIRETY (which I was robbed of seeing when I went to see the Elite play live. Robbed I tell you!) as well as both teams interance and the "magic circle".

Interesting trivia fact no one will EVER ask you. According to the video, the Elite's tournament wins were against a team called the "Legends" (couldn't read the first name, but there was a team that played the Trotters overseas created by Abe Saperstien called the "Texas Legends") the "Norse Stars" and a team I couldn't read on my small YouTube screen fast enough but was the "Asian (somethings)".

The "Norse Stars" never knew what hit them!
And they were favored in the spread too.
It ends with the teams warming up and the refferee explaining the 4-point shot and penalty box.

Starts with the Trotters getting a kid from the audience to spin the ball. The cuts to Big G's dance. 

It's then followed by some gameplay including the fake out they do with the tip off and the trotter sitting on the goal. It then shows the dribble keep away (they must have been behind, cut to that the second the three trotters went to the penalty box).

Then get some footage of the second half warm ups and the start of the second half which includes some nice 3-pointers by the Elite (what they do best, besides lose). Also has a nice steak by the Elite, which I mention because seriously, how often will I get to type that sentence?

The clip ends with the purse ream. 

Starts with the infamous bucket of confetti ream.

It then has some gameplay, including that weird ream where two trotters play keep away with two Elite, then trick them into grabbing the ball out of bounds, then the refferee sends all 4 of them to the penalty box. Ok, I know that the game is "entertainment" but I have seen that ream a dozen times now and I still have no idea why the Elite/Select end up in the penalty box for it. What did they do?

It ends with some nice action at the end, as the Elite manage to hold onto a slim lead for most of the last part of the 4th quarter (which they had for most of the game from what we saw). The Elite were really doing well that night. (the referee even called a clearly unscripted foul on the Elite, to give the trotters two shots to try and narrow the Elites lead, clearly knowing the Elite was one 4-pointer away from making the Trotters have to work hard for their win.)

Pics up where the last clip leaves off, as the Elite are still keeping the Trotters from getting a "comfortable" lead. The referee again calls one of the infamous "partial" calls, calling the ball out of bounds on the elite when clearly it was the trotters who took the ball out of bounds. 

The Trotters call time out to give a kid in the audience a chance to shoot a free-throw. Followed by some more gameplay, including the pantsing. 

The Trotters, to no ones surprise take the lead in the final minutes, due mostly to some good 4-point shots by Dizzy, and the Trotters win and celebrate with the trophy. 

The Elite played a hell of a good game though. Congrads to the Elite for once more making the Harlem Globetrotters "earn it".

Friday, March 9, 2012

Randomness 38th Edition

Military Photo in the public domain.
A gentelman named Rob Roberts posted the following as a comment to one of my post...

I was at the 1PM Nassau Coliseum - Globetrotters vs Global Select game yesterday. Globel Select was up by 6 with 2 minutes left. The Trotters had been missing their shots and the Select was making theirs. My son then noticed that the scorer kept stoping / pausing the clock when he shouldn't have. This allowed the Trotters extra time needed to make some more shots to finally take the lead with a minute on the clock left and win. I think without the help of the clock operator, this is a likely Global Select win.

Glad to hear that the Select did such a good job and made the Globetrotters "earn it", as I like to put it. If you are interested in my comments on the scoreboard issue then you can read it in the original post comments. CLICK HERE!

The Herald Tribune did brief coverage of the International Elite (which they incorrectly called the International Elite All-Stars) playing the Globetrotters. They even briefly acknowledged the Washington Generals name being taken off the schedule. In name only, in body and spirit the Generals have never left. CLICK HERE!

Not really much focus on the Elite themselves, but the blog "Sac and Beyond", posted some nice coverage of the Elite's game against the Globetrotters in the Power Balance Pavilion last January. If you would like to read it CLICK HERE!

In closing here is a video from the game at the game last Sunday between the Elite and Globetrotters at the Convocation Center in Norfolk, VA. Featuring Special K introducing himself to the Elite players at the start of the game, along with some other tom foolery.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Randomness - Special Edition

Photo by Dinur Blum. Used under Creative Commons.
So why is this a "Special Edition" of randomness you ask? 

The answer is simple. Work was so hectic that I missed reporting a few of the better links in the last Randomness post. So this week only, I will be posting a second edition of Randomness. 

So without further ado...

The website "Our Sports Central" did a story on Washington General William "Bill" Richardson. Richardson is a graduate of St. Martins Uniersity in Washington, as well as a former player for the Olympia Reign of the International Basketball League (IBL). Richardson has been playing for the Washington Generals since last fall during the European Leg of the 2011 tour. The story was done to promote the 2012 tour as it came through Western Washington last week. To read the story CLICK HERE!

CBS Houston posted an audio podcast from their Mad Radio show interviewing the Generals long time nemesis "Sweet Lou" Dunbar. Legendary Showman (and the Showman when I first started attending Globetrotter games) longtime coach of the Harlem Globetrotters and the Globetrotters current director of Player Personnel . Which means he is the one to blame for Tiny and Too Tall's embarrassing the Generals with always beating them in the tip off's and Hops annoying habit to jump higher than a kangaroo.

The interview was just over 9 minutes long. But around the 8 minute mark they talked a little about the Washington Generals "Hiatus". Sweet Lou gave me hope maybe the Green and Gold will be back when he talked about them "Trying to get a better squad" and then something about them "combing" into the two teams.

He kind of fumbled his explenation of the last part which was surprising, as this can't be the first interview he had to explain they weren't playing the Washington Generals. I assumed that when the tour started the Globetrotters PR guys had to have an explanation ready to explain to any reporters who saw they were playing the International Elite or Global Select and asked the obvious question. Surprising as for the most part while I am still getting used to the new names, the decision did seem pretty well thought out.

 He did also briefly mention that "Possibly they'll be back next year". Who knows, it has mostly been wishful thinking when I hoped that the Generals would return after the story line this season was over. Maybe there is still a chance this change is short term.

Sweet Lou also made mention how beating the Globetrotters would be like "Shooting Santa." Red should really see about getting Royalties whenever that line is used.

If you would like the hear the interview, CLICK HERE!

I came across an interesting story stating that Andrew Perloff, a writer for Sports Illustrated, played on the International Elite in a game in Bridgeport, CT last Friday. The reason that is interesting is that I hadn't heard anything about any "Guest General" type players playing for the Elite or Select. I assumed they did away with it with their new identities. It is part of the reason I stopped doing the "Best of the Guest Generals" stories. But apparently they brought it back, or are doing it a lot less frequently. Incedently getting an ESPN reporter, for Football no less, might not be the best strategy for our boys to take the World Championship trophy. Just saying. To read about this "Guest Elite" CLICK HERE!

And in closing, here is a former Washington General and current Globetrotter, Jonte "Too Tall" Hall at a reported 5'2" slam dunking the ball. Yeah you heard that right, and sure maybe that isn't a regulation hoop... but it's still impressive.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Red and Gloria Klotz To Celebrate Their 70th Anniversary Today!

Today is a very special day in Washington Generals Land, as today marks the 70th anniversary of Washington Generals owner Red Klotz and his wife Gloria. The couple met on a beach in Margeret New Jersey and eventually fell in love and got married 70 years ago today.

Gloria (born Gloria Stein) helped run the business end of the Washington Generals through many of their early years, as well as serving as the timekeeper for the Generals for a long time as well. Gloria also ran a bar and liquor store in Atlantic City in the early years to help keep the team going, back when basketball was not the moneymaker it is today.

The couple had six children together, including their son Chuck who was the globetrotters public-address announcer, and their daughter Jody Ferrari (wife of current Washington Generals GM John Ferrari) who served as the business manager for the Washington Generals.

They have a whopping twelve grandchildren. Among them former New York National, Morgan "Mo" Klotz. As well as four Great Grandchildren.

Their marriage is an inspiration, surviving decades of Red traveling on the road. Showing that if you're in love and work at it, a marriage can endure even the most hectic and unusual of circumstances. The fact the Washington Generals has become nothing short of a family business shows a marriage and family that has thrived.

I wish the couple congratulations on this occasion from one of Red's biggest fans. Here's hoping for still many great years to come.


Everyone Has a Story: A losing team led to winning 70-year union for Margate couple

Red Hot

Monday, February 27, 2012

Randomness 37th Edition

Ryan Durling of InTheCapital has some playing advice for how the Washington Generals could counter the dunking sensation of the Globetrotters that is Jacob "Hops" Tucker. CLICK HERE!

I am including this link beacause it covers the game in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Which had the Globetrottes defeate the Elite by a close score of 78-76. I am always happy when the team puts on a good show and makes the Globetrotters "earn it". To read the report CLICK HERE!

Here is an interview with "Hi-Lite" that gives a nice shout out to the International Elite. To read it CLICK HERE!

I am a little late mentioning this one. But the Daily Courier mentioned a game in Prescott Valley, AZ. It mentiones the Elite playing the Trotters and being ahead 51-38 at the half. Then going on to lose 101-88. Sounds like one hell of a roller coaster of a game. To read about it CLICK HERE!

In closing here is a clip from the 2008 Harlem Globetrotters tv special. It is mostly from their background on "Special K" Daily. However the latter half of the video features long time General Shawn Faust being pantsed and even mentioned by name. Enjoy

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Goose Tatum Biography To Air On ESPN

The Washington Generals original foil, Reese "Goose" Tatum will be getting a biography on ESPN. The special will premiere on February 26th (this Sunday) at 9:30pm Easter / 8:30pm Central time.

Tatum, who was recently inducted into the basketball hall of fame, was a member of the Harlem Globetrotters from 1941-1955 and is considered the original "clown prince" of basketball. He is the man who paved the way for all the other great showmen of the Harlem Globetrotters, from Meadowlark Lemon, to "Sweet Lou" Dunbar, to "Big Easy" and "Special K" today.

But even more importantly than that, "Goose" Tatum was one of the greatest basketball players of his era. Most of us fans today know the Harlem Globetrotters as showmen with fancy trick shots, funny reams, and one lone opposing team who is infamous for (almost) never beating them.

But back in the early days of the Harlem Globetrotters, they were literally the greatest basketball team in the world. Playing competitive games where they won championships, defeated everyone from local pick up teams to NCAA and NBA giants.

While the current number of losses the Harlem Globetrotters claim is not accurate, the reality was back then the underdog team in a Globetrotter game truly was whoever took on the Harlem Globetrotters. During that time they were even more popular than the NBA.

And heading the team during the prime of these competitive years was Goose Tatum. Not only was he a marvel on the court, wowing fans and leaving opponents behind, but it was when the teams would get a huge lead that he innovated the clowning around that would become the Globetrotters signature image.

I'm very much looking forward to this documentary, which I have know doubt will tell me a lot I didn't know.

Tatum left the Globetrotters not long after the Washington Generals were formed and back in those days, they were not the only team to play the Globetrotters. So I don't know if much, or for that matter anything, will be said about the Washington Generals. But if it wasn't for Globetrotters like Tatum who both helped make the Globetrotters so legendary before the Generals were formed, there never would have been a Washington Generals.

And that would have been a huge shame.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekly Schedule - Week of 2/19/12 - 2/25/11

Here is the upcoming schedule for the coming week, as the International Elite/Global Select's 2012 tour with the Harlem Globetrotters rolls on.

The Elite/Select will be having a busy week this week as they play a whopping 22 games this week between both traveling teams. They include stops in 7 States in the US as well as one in Canada, several times doing double headers.

The games for the week will be...

2/19/12 - At the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA at 12:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/19/12 - At the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, NY at 1:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/19/12 - At the Tim's Toyota Center in Prescot Vallet, AZ at 2:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/19/12 - At the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA at 5:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/19/12 - At the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, NY at 5:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/20/12 - At the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, NJ at 1:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/20/12 - At the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, CA at 2:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/20/12 - At the Tucson Convention Center Arena in Tucson, AZ at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/21/12 - At the Olympic Center in Lake Placid, NY at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/22/12 - At the MassMutual Center in Springfield, MA at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/22/12 - At the Spokane Arena in Spokane, WA at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/23/12 - At the MassMutual Center in Springfield, MA at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/23/12 - At the ShoWare Center in Kent, WA at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/23/12 - At the Toyota Center in Kennewick, WA at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/24/12 - At the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC Canada at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/24/12 - At the Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene, OR at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/24/12 - At the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, CT at 8:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/25/12 - At the XL Center in Hartford, CT at 2:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/25/12 - At the Rose Garden Arena in Portland, OR at 2:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/25/12 - At the Rose Garden Arena in Portland, OR at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/25/12 - At the Comcast Arena @ Everett in Everett, WA at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/25/12 -  At the XL Center in Hartford, CT at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS

If you are in the area I encourage you to come by and support the International Elite and/or Global Select in their never ending quest for that elusive win against the Globetrotters. Who knows, cheer them on loud enough and maybe it won't take them as long as it took the Generals.

A man can dream.

All photos in this post were taken by me (Dan Pratt) and are available for re-use under creative commons attribution 2.0 Generic lisence.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Randomness - 36th Edition

The McAlester News Capitol published an article on the International Elite's game against the Globetrotters on the 7th. I am including it simply beacause it happened in my own state and I am bias. To read it CLICK HERE!

I came across an article from last year interviewing Marcus "Rhett" Bonner. A graduate of Guilford College who played for the Washington Generals last season and currently is the assistant basketball coach at Randolph Macon College in Ashland, VA. To read it CLICK HERE!

People jokingly comparing the Washington Wizards to the Washington Generals is nothing new. The team was doomed to that hecking the minute they decided to give them their own NBA team. But The Heckler did a funnier than usual take on it. To read it CLICK HERE!

"The Washington Generals Win Their 7th Straight Game!". Yes you read that right... it's actually the Washington School Generals, also sometimes referred to as the Washington Generals. It's a name I am sure they have frequently had to endure hazing about from rival teams. It obviously has no bearing on this blog, but just this once I am linking to an article about them because in my many searches for news on the Generals it always cracks me up seeing a story about how good a team called the "Washington Generals" is doing. To read it CLICK HERE! And on a quick note, congratulations Generals. 

To close out here is a video of the Elite warming up.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Photos From The Global Select and International Elite's Games on Flickr

Flickr, for anyone who isn't familiar with it, is a photo sharing site that is a mecca og great photos from both professionals and amateur photographers. I've even added some of my own photos on my own account (although I still haven't had a chance to post all of my pics from the recent International Elite game).

One thing it has always been a great source of, is Harlem Globetrotter pictures. With most sporting teams, how many of their photos are on sites like Flickr, depend on if the few who regularly take pictures at the games have Flickr accounts. But with our boys taking on the Trotters all over the world there is no shortage of people posting pictures from the games.

With the 2012 tour currently underway, several great photographers have posted some pics they took from the Elite/Select's ongoing feud with the Trotters. So I thought I would direct some of you to the most recent photo galleries.

First off are photos taken by user Dan Wozniak who got some great photos from behind the basket of the Global Select taking on the Harlem Globetrotters. I am not sure where these were taken, but according to his profile he resides in Arlington, TX. So I assume it was the recent game out there.

Mr. Wozinak was nice enough to allow me to share some samples with you from his set, but I highly recommend anyone who wants to see more visit his photo gallery by CLICKING HERE!

Photo by Dan Wozniak. Used with permission.
Photo by Dan Wozniak. Used with permission.
Also on Flickr courtesy of News House are some nice game shots by Alexander Abdalian from the International Elite taking on the Trotters at Syracuse. It's mostly of the trotters, but it has some nice game footage.

You can view it by CLICKING HERE!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Weekly Schedule Returns - Week of 2/12/12 - 2/18/12

It is with great joy that I am bringing back the weekly schedule of the International Elite/Global Selects games.

As some regular redars to this blog may know, I had been posting the weekly schedule during the recent international tour dates. But had stopped doing it when the current 2012 tour started.

The reason for that was that the Globetrotters had not been posting the extended schedule for their games on their website. Just an option to check by city. Which of course isn't full proof to find ones in the area, since they hit so many towns just because they don't hit your city doesn't mean they might not be somewhere nearby.

The Globetrotters recently fixed this problem. And while it is buried pretty deep in their site. You can see the full schedule here.

In the interest of getting the word out on when the Elite/Select will be playing I will resume posting the schedule for the upcoming week on this blog. Hopefully it will make it easier for fans of the team to know when they are specifically hitting their area.

So with all of that out of the way, here is the upcoming schedule for next week.

2/12/12 - At the Rimrock Auto Arena at Metro Park in Billings, MT at 2:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/12/12 - At the Rogers Center in Toronto, ON, Canada at 2:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/13/12 - At the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City, UT at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/14/12 - At the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/14/12 - At the Centrum Arena in Cedar City, UT at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/15/12 - At the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgalry, AB, Canada at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/15/12 - At the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, NV at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/16/12 - At the Robobank Arena in Bakersfield, CA at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/17/12 - At the US Airways Center in Phoenix, AZ at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/17/12 - At the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, NJ at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/18/12 - At the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/18/12 - At Madison Square Garden in New York, NY at 7:30PM - GET TICKETS

If you are in the area of one of these great games in the US or Canada I encourage you to go out and support the International Elite and Global Select as they try to attain the World Championship Trophy. And more importantly as they help the Globetrotters entertain fans all over North America.

The photo in this post was taken by me (Dan Pratt) and is available for re-use under the creative commons attribution 2.0 Generic lisence.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Randomness 35th Edition

Photo by Mariona Olmos Garcia. Used with permission.
Not much to report in General/Elite/Select land at the moment. Red Klotz team is still performing almost every night in two tours, helping the trotters entertain and wow the fans. And pulling on some solid fundamental basketball along the way. It has yet to bring them that elusive win, although that obviously isn't a huge shocker. Time is running out Mr. Excel. I should have seen if he would bet me money on that one. Then again it would have made me feel like a traitor to bet against my team. No matter what reality says.

Still, here are some interesting tidbits from Washington General land.

Here is a nice article about a last minute schedules game the International Elite played against the Globetrotters at Newark High School. To read it CLICK HERE!

I found a nice article on Buckets Blake. He is of course with the Globetrotters, but as some know he is heavily used to help promote the games, which has gotten him a lot of mention on this blog. Especially back when I was doing the "Best of the Guest" Generals entries. So for that reason and beacause it offered a good rundown of the Trotters illustrious history, I thought I would include the article. To read it CLICK HERE!

Here is an older article I found about Red Kotz jersey being retired. To read it you can CLICK HERE!

Here is also an article from Sports Illustrated that talks about the Harlem Globetrotters. It also has a nice section where they talk about the Washington Generals and includes mentions of Sam Sawyer and Red Klotz. CLICK HERE!

Speaking of Sam Sawyer, I came across a website for Altlantic City High School that if you scroll down far enough you can see a pic of Sawyer from his High School basketball days. To see it CLICK HERE!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bloomberg TV Interviews Globetrotters CEO Kurt Schneider About China Tour

Bloomberg TV recently interviewed Globetrotter CEO, Kurt Schneider about many subjects relating to the Globetrotters current business plan, most notably their upcoming China Tour. As has been reportedbefore, the Globetrotters have huge and very aggressive plans to market the team in China, an help make them to an extent help claim the Globetrotters as their own.

While obviously the interview is about the Trotters success in China is both beneficial to the Generals aka International Elite (or whoever they will be playing as over there come this Summer) but will be dependent in a large extend on the quality of the games. Which as anyone knows, is reliant not just on the Globetrotters playing a great game and giving a great performance, but on the Elite's performance as well.

Here is the interview for anyone interested.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Randomness 34th Edition

Photo by Shawn Kimball.
Used under creative commons.
The NWI Times wrote a good article about the International Elite's game in Valparaiso, IN. Obviously the focus was on the Globetrotters but they did give the Elite credit for making the trotters come back from an 8-point lead by the Elite at halftime. They also mentioned and quoted former Washington General, and current Globetrotter, Jonte Hall in the article. You can read it all by CLICKING HERE!

I found a great article from The Morning Call about the Generals written in 1988. It includes interviews with  some of the 87-88 team (one of the best Generals teams ever in my opinion) including Nancy Lieberman, George Aldrich,Todd Bailey and the man himself Red Klotz. To read it CLICK HERE!

The International Elite will be helping the Globetrotters break in  the new basketball court at the WesBanco Arena's in Wheeling, OH at 2PM tomorrow. An interview about the game with Globetrotter 'Sick' Willie Shaw can be found HERE!

And to end this Randomness post, here is a video clip of the final seconds of a game between the Elite and Globetrotters.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Thoughts On The International Elite vs Harlem Globetrotters 1/22/12 Game In Oklahoma City.

The International Elite finally came to town to take on the Harlem Globetrotters, at the Chesapeake Energy Arena in my home town of Oklahoma City, OK.

So as you can imagine, there is no where else I was going to be that afternoon, then to cheer on the Elite as they once more chased the illusive win. I held out fools hope that with the new names and cool black uniforms their luck would change.

I went to the game with my 10 year old nephew as well as a friend and a kid who he was babysitting. All three of them were seeing a Globetrotter game for the first time; so I was happy to be introducing three people to the fun I've been having since I was a kid.

Even if they did cheer the Globetrotters, what front runners!

I knew about the Washington Generals name change, as anyone who follows this blog will tell you. But I didn't know if it was going to be the International Elite or Global Select playing in Oklahoma City until I got there.

I was happy they were playing as the Elite, I won't lie. Of course I would have been happier had they played as the Washington Generals. But that wasn't in the cards.

I'm sure the "Global Select" name will grow on m, but I like the name "International Elite" much better. Not to mention I much prefer the black and yellow to white and yellow.

I knew about the story line they are doing this tour of the "World Championship" but I thought it was a nice touch with the twist that the losing team would not be back for next years tour. We all knew that the Globetrotters were in no danger, but it was a nice twist adding some "real" stakes to the game. If that makes sense.

The Elite were also billed at the beginning as being an "undefeated team" who climbed the ranks and won a prior tournament giving them the right to play the Globetrotters for this "important championship game." They even got a cheer from the fans when this back story was explained.

It was a change from the team, who since abandoning their New York Nationals persona several years back, have been portrayed as cheating bad guys for a while now. While I am sorry the Generals name is gone, at least for now, I do like that with the new name came a persona that doesn't try to hide the fact at the end of the day these are credible ball players.

I do wonder if the "stakes" means this name change to the Elite/Select is just for this tour. Maybe that's wishful thinking, in fact it most likely is. Besides, it could mean they will be playing under new name every tour now, for all I know.

It could also be that's the reason they are playing under two different names, ergo next season Oklahoma City will see the Global Select play the Trotters. Although I don't see them going to the trouble to keep track of which persona played where. They may just assume we'll forget this twist next year. As far as most fans are concerned they wouldn't be wrong.

Either way it was a nice "story line" and the trophy they were "competing for" was a very nice and impressive one. The kid my friend brought was very impressed by it, so props to whoever designed it. I got a good picture of it with the games D.J. He was nice enough to pose with it for me as I went to take a picture before we took our seats.

This is what it's all for! - Photo by Dan Pratt
Indecently, I had to fight security when I entered for the right to take that picture. Apparently they can't tell the difference between a digital camera larger than a credit card and a camcorder. True story!

Globie and company put on a good comedy show to warm up the crowd, or I guess it was good. I wasn't exactly enthralled but the kits all loved it, including the two in my party. So who am I to argue with that?

The game got underway and it was a typical great display of basketball and comedy that both the Generals (Elite) and the Globetrotters are known for.

In fact they made a real effort to have the Elite play a bit more like "legit" contenders, in line with the storyline. As while they were made fools of like always, some of the reams such as the "ball under the shirt" one were not present, making the team look a little less prone to "looking like idiots". For lack of a better word.

It was Special K's team taking on Sam Worthen's group of Washington Generals. Now, I take nothing away from Big Easy who is a great showman and getting to see "TNT" Maddox and Jacob "Hops" Tucker in action was awesome, not to mention Scotter and Handles were on hand and both are a lot of fun to watch. Scooter is actually my favorite of the Trotters.

But I was sorry that it wasn't Special K and co. only beacause Jonte "Too Tall" Hall and Derick "Dizzy" Grant, the two current Globetrotters to have once played for the Generals, were both absent from Oklahoma City.

It was also kind of a disappointing not to see Anthony Smith playing for the Elite/Select, as he is also with the other touring squad.

But both of those are minor squabbles. Just like their counterparts on the other squad, Sam Worthen and his boys did what they do best, played great basketball while never outshining the Globetrotters.

The 4-point circle from last season returned. Us Elite fans got a small victory out of it, as it was a member of the Elite, not the Globetrotters, who scored the first 4-point shot of the game.

In fact the Elite played good the entire game, taking the lead more than once that day and missing very few baskets. The definitely forced the Trotters to earn their victory that night.

The penalty box was back also, although it was used a bit differently.

Unlike last season, apparently Sam Worthen's checks started bouncing. The Elite were sent the the penalty box more than once that night, and in fact one of the Elite was the first to go to the penalty box. (I believe it was James Vilsaint, but as many will attest the referees and announcers are apparently forbidden to call the Elite players by name. So I may be wrong.)

Although the Globetrotters usually went to the penalty box leaving themselves a man, or two, or three short there were some times where members of both teams went to the penalty box. That included the pantsing, which probably for the first time in the history of that ream, there were actual consequences. Both Big Easy and the Elite's Vilsaint were sent to the penalty box after Big Easy pantsed Vilsaint, and the Elite's retaliation.

They clearly tried to make the penalty box element look more "legit" this season, to go in line with this being a championship game with big stakes. Although I still don't get how the Trotters teasing an Elite by throwing the ball over, between the legs, and around one Elite, then tricking another Elite to catch the ball right before it goes out of bounds, got the two offending Trotters AND the two Elite players sent to the penalty box. What did they do? Apparently the "don't spread your legs too far" rule was in effect.

Most of the usual reams were there. A purse was stolen, followed by a pretty and half-embarrassed giggling girl being propositioned for a kiss for returning it, confetti was thrown, Generals lost their uniformes doing a layup (which was a big hit with my nephew), and the weave was in full effect. No Globetrotter Football, which was a shame, they must have run out of time.

There was also a nice few minutes in the beginning of the final quarter, with the game close, where the teams briefly dropped the gags and played some real basketball. Showing how good of players both teams were under the showmanship.

Tonight was not the Elite's night, with the Globetrotters winning 105-100.

But a good time was had by all including the three new Globetrotter fans I inducted that night. Now I have a whole year to work on getting them to see it is the International Elite who they should truly become the fans of.

My nephew stayed for the autographs and managed to get his brand new red, white and blue ball signed by Bull, Bones, Bingo, and Jacob "Hops" Tucker (the later of which seemed to get a kick when I told him I was a fan of his YouTube videos).

On a quick note about the Trotters. I was impressed with the rookie Trotters who I saw in action for the first time after all the hype. Hops and TNT were especially impressive, and I have a feeling fans could be seeing them torment the Generals for many years to come.

Can't wait until next year!

Better luck next time Elite!

All photos in this post were taken by me (Dan Pratt) and are available for re-use under creative commons attribution 2.0 Generic lisence.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Elite/Select Come To My Home Town

The Chesapeake Energy Arena (home of the Thunder) in Oklahoma City.
Site of tomorrows "epic" championship game. Photo by Dan Pratt. 
Tomorrow afternoon the International Elite/Global Select will be coming to my home town of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. To take on the Globetrotters for the "World Championship Game". And as most of you will probably guess, I can't wait.

I will be going with my nephew as well as a friend and it will be my nephews introduction to the Globetrotter games. I am sure he will cheer the Globetrotters, but that's OK. The teams games against the Globetrotters are all about having fun. He can cheer for the referees, and as long as he enjoys himself it will be a success.

My friend has never seen a Generals/Globetrotter game before either. Although he of course knows a bit more about them than my nephew being an adult. So I am looking forward to introducing two people to the fun that is a Globetrotter game.

I will hopefully have some pics and my thoughts on the game up within 24 hours of the game, which tips off at 2PM. So come back soon.

And look out Select/Elite, your biggest fan (or at least your biggest fan to not have their kid playing on the team) is coming to cheer you on. You will be able to spot me easily, I will be the one in the Washington Generals T-Shirt. That should narrow it down.

Could January 23rd finally be their night? Stay tuned.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Randomness 33rd Edition

Photo by Kari Jasus. Used under creative commons.
Jew or Not Jet posted an excellent profile on the man himself, Red Klotz. To read it CLICK HERE!

Former New York National turned Harlem Globetrotter Derick "Dizzy" Grant had a good story about his visit to a prediatric ward in Evansville. To read it CLICK HERE!

The Harlem Globetrotters got their own playlist on  YouTube, and among the videos were the one recently showcased on this blog, featuring the Old Spice MANtaclause. And it was introduced by none other than former New York National and current Harlem Globetrotter, "Dizzy" Grant. Dizzy's first video of impressions of NBA players also made the playlist.

Indecently, it's awesome the Old Spice video is on there, but it once more makes me ask why the name change. Although the people running the Harlem Globetrotters YouTube channel likeley aren't the same ones who would make the call on the Generals name change. (It's also possible it was the Generals decision. I don't claim to have insider knowledge. But in the past they have never changed their names without the Globetrotters requesting them to do so.)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Coverage from a 12-26-11 Game

YouTube user BCooney42 posted a video of the one of the first games of the current tour. It contained almost the entire 4th quarter. Which started with the International Elite only behind by 2 points, and while the Trotters kept the lead, the Elite managed to keep the game close the whole quarter.

I of course love a close game between the Trotters and "Generals". Aside from being the closest us fans ever get to seeing them win, it makes for a more exciting game. Even knowing who is going to win, it keeps it more exciting when the Elite can keep it competitive. I have sat through some games where the Trotters have won by 20 or more points. And even the fun shenanigans, It can be hard to stay interested if there isn't an illusion of it being competitive.

That is especially true this tour, since they are doing a storyline of a "Championship" game. Yes Championship games aren't always close. But you ever seen a sports movie where the heroes win the final, championship game in a blowout. Not often and for good reason.

The video quality isn't great, it was clearly filmed with a cell phone. It gets shaky, and sometimes is hard to tell who is who. But it's still great to get a feel for the game with such a long video.

Incedently, there was also a fun bit with the Elite and trotters around the 5 minute mark. Also the infamous panting near the end. Not sure I like them adding the element of both players (The Elite and the Trotters) going to the penalty box. Although last season I did find it weird that the referees kept putting the Trotters in the penalty box all game, but let that one slide.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Randomness 32nd edition

Photo by Nate McBean. Used under creative commons. recently did a brief article about the upcoming game in the Mohegan Sun about former Washington General turned Harlem Globetrotter Derick "Dizzy" Grant. CLICK HERE!

I found a nice review of the game in Allstate Arena. You can CLICK HERE to read it.

I came across an article talking about Red Klotz from all the way back in 1984. It's an interesting look into the past of how the Generals and Trotters were seen in a bygone decade. To read it CLICK HERE!

And for another blast from the past, here is an article on former Washington General Dave Boettcher. To read it CLICK HERE!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mr. Excel Makes Bold Prediction In Favor Of The Generals

The Washington Generals have found an unlikely supporter in the form of YouTube podcaster Mr. Excel.

For those who don't know who that is, Mr. Excel does a series of vlogs showing tutorials on how to operate Microsoft Excel. Which indecently I suck at, maybe I should watch some of them myself.

In his latest video, Mr. Excel (who it's clear from the podcast is a big fan of the Generals/Globetrotter games) makes the prediction that this season the "Washington Generals" (apparently he isn't a big enough fan to know they aren't using that name this tour.) will shock the world and win a game.

He figures with the rule of foul shots being made from the 4-point line, that the Generals in one of their closer games will get an "accidental win" should they get fouled making a 4-point shot and then make the penalty 4-point shot.

I love this theory, even though I don't necessarily agree with it.

For one, anyone who has been lucky enough to see one of their first games of the season , or watch the YouTube videos like I do, will tell you that the refferees are calling it more impartially now. Either coaches Harrison and Worthen's check's started bouncing, or no one explained to them that the deal included the Select and Elite. So I wouldn't be surprised if the 4-point shot penalties, which were clearly being used to try and benefit the Generals, are no more.

There's also the fact that while the Generals could theoretically take a good lead, were they to score 8 points that way, but that bit doesn't usually happen that late in the game. So the trotters wouldn't be able to pull out enough reams to bridge the gap in that scenario. After all these years the safetys are definitely in place now, they learned something from 1971.

I will say one thing however. When I first heard of the 4-point shot, I did think that if the Generals were hot they could theoretically rack up enough of a lead to make it hard for the Trotters to catch up. Not saying I would bet money on it happening, but his theory might not be as far off as some might think. Even if it probably was made tongue in cheek.

On a final note were something like that to actually happen, unlikely as it might be. It would be ironic if the Generals were to beat the trotters for the first time in over 40 years, but they did it while once again playing under a different name.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What's In A Name? - My Thoughts On The Generals Current New Personas

We are a week into the 2012 tour and the confusion I expected has already begun. As anyone who has seen tweets given by fans during the game will tell you most are confused by where the Generals are, and what's up with the black, white, and yellow running across the court.

U.S. Air Force Photo by Tech. Sgt. Marie Brown
America now knows what fans in the Middle East, France and some of our boys and girls serving our country already knew. As of right now the Globetrotters new nemesis are the International Elite and World Select. 

I don't know the reason for this name change. It's strange that they're doing it considering the Washington Generals only resumed using that name 4 years ago. After a 12 year stint playing as the New York Nationals. 

I think part of the reason might be because the story line for this tour, is that the Globetrotters are playing a championship game. Some might find it hard to think a team which hasn't won since 1971 would climb the ranks to play in a championship game. 

Arguably, that might be true. But it isn't like a game between the Generals and the Globetrotters didn't stretch believably before. Even the kids in the audience picked up pretty quickly on what was going on. The Elite and Select don't play any differently so even if people didn't realize they were the same team as before (and have the same coaches), it would take minutes to realize it was the same show it has always been.

That isn't even counting that in some venues the Trotters will be winning this championship twice in one night.

Although it's possible I'm hoping it is that reason because if it is, then it would likely mean the Generals returning next tour. 

Whatever the reason, like it or not the Washington Generals seem to have currently hung up their green and yellow for black and yellow, or white and yellow depending on when you watch. 

This was probably the Globetrotter management's call. Not to pick on them, but I can't imagine the Washington Generals, who own their team's name with pride wanting to change it. And all the name changes before have pretty much been the Globies call. 

I think that is a bad move because as both Dan Gilbert and the Old Spice Man have recently shown, people know the "Washington Generals" name. It's become as iconic as the Globetrotters themselves. Hell, I can attest even after 12 years as the New York Nationals, the majority still associated the Washington Generals name with the Globetrotters put upon foils. 

I know that neither team wants the Generals to overshadow the Globetrotters. The business plan for both teams pretty much depends on them having a lower profile. But I don't see how being well known as being the team that loses consistently to the Globetrotters could do anything but help everyone involved. 

That being said, and although as a fan I hope that this name change isn't going to be another New York Nationals decade or longer change. At the end of the day, I don't really think it matters. 

They may not have the same name, or the same outfits. But just like when they wore red and became the New Jersey Reds, or maroon to become the New York Nationals. Their mission was and still is the same. 

It's to help the Globetrotters look good. To be the brunt of the comedy bits and to entertain the fans. And as reviews and fans who have been in the game will attest, they are as good as ever at being the world wide visiting team to the most famous basketball team on earth. 

So no matter what color their uniforms, or what the name is on the uniform. In the ways that really matter, they are still the Washington Generals. And the players of the Global Select and International Elite are continuing to do the teams legacy proud.

In the end, that's all anyone could ever really ask for. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The 2012 Tour Has Begun

As some of you might know, the "Generals" 2012 tour is officially underway, having started the last week of December.

I put the Generals name in quotation marks, because as I suspected, it looks like they won't be using the Generals moniker much this tour. If at all. This season the Washington Generals will be playing under another persona, two to be exact.

As some who read this blog may have noted the Washington Generals in recent overseas games alternated between playing as the International Elite (in black and yellow) and the Global Select (in white and yellow). This carried over into their last military tour, when the Washington Generals took on the Globetrotters throughout the tour as the Global Select.

As is no surprise, they will be continuing this for the Globetrotters "2012 World Championship Tour" playing the Globetrotters as both the Elite and Select.

I will post my full thought on this name change, so recently after only re-assuming their Generals personal in 2008, in a future post. But to anyone who isn't certain, this is the same team with the same players just alternating between different names.

The story line for this years tour, will be that the World Select or International Elite are playing for the "World Championship Trophy" against the Harlem Globetrotters. Some hints of this were used in their last overseas and millitary tour, which also used this story line. Although it seems some tweaks have been made with the actual tour, the main story is still the same.

If you are in the area when the tour hits your city, I encourage you to come watch Red Klotz team take on the Globetrotters. And attempt the seemingly impossible task of winning the coveted trophy from the Globetrotters. And most likely fail. But some fun and nice shots by the Elite/Select will still be had.

I think now more than ever basketball fans of all ages should see a Generals/Globetrotter game. After the sour taste many got in their mouths over the recent NBA lockout, this is the time to see basketball played in some ways what is it's purest form.

Underneath all the showmanship and basically pre-determined outcome are two teams of very talented athletes. Teams that don't make millions and in the case of our beloved Generals (whatever uniform they wear) don't get any of the glory.

They do it because they love it, and because underneath the sneaker deals and million dollar contracts of their more famous counterparts, basketball is a game of athletics and entertainment.

On the surface what you will see is the Elite or Select take on the Globetrotters. But when doing that you will realize what you are truly watching, is people having fun playing the greatest sport in the world. Which is what basketball should be.

Highlights from an early game in the tour.