Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Elite/Select Come To My Home Town

The Chesapeake Energy Arena (home of the Thunder) in Oklahoma City.
Site of tomorrows "epic" championship game. Photo by Dan Pratt. 
Tomorrow afternoon the International Elite/Global Select will be coming to my home town of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. To take on the Globetrotters for the "World Championship Game". And as most of you will probably guess, I can't wait.

I will be going with my nephew as well as a friend and it will be my nephews introduction to the Globetrotter games. I am sure he will cheer the Globetrotters, but that's OK. The teams games against the Globetrotters are all about having fun. He can cheer for the referees, and as long as he enjoys himself it will be a success.

My friend has never seen a Generals/Globetrotter game before either. Although he of course knows a bit more about them than my nephew being an adult. So I am looking forward to introducing two people to the fun that is a Globetrotter game.

I will hopefully have some pics and my thoughts on the game up within 24 hours of the game, which tips off at 2PM. So come back soon.

And look out Select/Elite, your biggest fan (or at least your biggest fan to not have their kid playing on the team) is coming to cheer you on. You will be able to spot me easily, I will be the one in the Washington Generals T-Shirt. That should narrow it down.

Could January 23rd finally be their night? Stay tuned.

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