Sunday, January 1, 2012

The 2012 Tour Has Begun

As some of you might know, the "Generals" 2012 tour is officially underway, having started the last week of December.

I put the Generals name in quotation marks, because as I suspected, it looks like they won't be using the Generals moniker much this tour. If at all. This season the Washington Generals will be playing under another persona, two to be exact.

As some who read this blog may have noted the Washington Generals in recent overseas games alternated between playing as the International Elite (in black and yellow) and the Global Select (in white and yellow). This carried over into their last military tour, when the Washington Generals took on the Globetrotters throughout the tour as the Global Select.

As is no surprise, they will be continuing this for the Globetrotters "2012 World Championship Tour" playing the Globetrotters as both the Elite and Select.

I will post my full thought on this name change, so recently after only re-assuming their Generals personal in 2008, in a future post. But to anyone who isn't certain, this is the same team with the same players just alternating between different names.

The story line for this years tour, will be that the World Select or International Elite are playing for the "World Championship Trophy" against the Harlem Globetrotters. Some hints of this were used in their last overseas and millitary tour, which also used this story line. Although it seems some tweaks have been made with the actual tour, the main story is still the same.

If you are in the area when the tour hits your city, I encourage you to come watch Red Klotz team take on the Globetrotters. And attempt the seemingly impossible task of winning the coveted trophy from the Globetrotters. And most likely fail. But some fun and nice shots by the Elite/Select will still be had.

I think now more than ever basketball fans of all ages should see a Generals/Globetrotter game. After the sour taste many got in their mouths over the recent NBA lockout, this is the time to see basketball played in some ways what is it's purest form.

Underneath all the showmanship and basically pre-determined outcome are two teams of very talented athletes. Teams that don't make millions and in the case of our beloved Generals (whatever uniform they wear) don't get any of the glory.

They do it because they love it, and because underneath the sneaker deals and million dollar contracts of their more famous counterparts, basketball is a game of athletics and entertainment.

On the surface what you will see is the Elite or Select take on the Globetrotters. But when doing that you will realize what you are truly watching, is people having fun playing the greatest sport in the world. Which is what basketball should be.

Highlights from an early game in the tour.

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