Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Coverage from a 12-26-11 Game

YouTube user BCooney42 posted a video of the one of the first games of the current tour. It contained almost the entire 4th quarter. Which started with the International Elite only behind by 2 points, and while the Trotters kept the lead, the Elite managed to keep the game close the whole quarter.

I of course love a close game between the Trotters and "Generals". Aside from being the closest us fans ever get to seeing them win, it makes for a more exciting game. Even knowing who is going to win, it keeps it more exciting when the Elite can keep it competitive. I have sat through some games where the Trotters have won by 20 or more points. And even the fun shenanigans, It can be hard to stay interested if there isn't an illusion of it being competitive.

That is especially true this tour, since they are doing a storyline of a "Championship" game. Yes Championship games aren't always close. But you ever seen a sports movie where the heroes win the final, championship game in a blowout. Not often and for good reason.

The video quality isn't great, it was clearly filmed with a cell phone. It gets shaky, and sometimes is hard to tell who is who. But it's still great to get a feel for the game with such a long video.

Incedently, there was also a fun bit with the Elite and trotters around the 5 minute mark. Also the infamous panting near the end. Not sure I like them adding the element of both players (The Elite and the Trotters) going to the penalty box. Although last season I did find it weird that the referees kept putting the Trotters in the penalty box all game, but let that one slide.

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