Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bloomberg TV Interviews Globetrotters CEO Kurt Schneider About China Tour

Bloomberg TV recently interviewed Globetrotter CEO, Kurt Schneider about many subjects relating to the Globetrotters current business plan, most notably their upcoming China Tour. As has been reportedbefore, the Globetrotters have huge and very aggressive plans to market the team in China, an help make them to an extent help claim the Globetrotters as their own.

While obviously the interview is about the Trotters success in China is both beneficial to the Generals aka International Elite (or whoever they will be playing as over there come this Summer) but will be dependent in a large extend on the quality of the games. Which as anyone knows, is reliant not just on the Globetrotters playing a great game and giving a great performance, but on the Elite's performance as well.

Here is the interview for anyone interested.

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