Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Randomness 35th Edition

Photo by Mariona Olmos Garcia. Used with permission.
Not much to report in General/Elite/Select land at the moment. Red Klotz team is still performing almost every night in two tours, helping the trotters entertain and wow the fans. And pulling on some solid fundamental basketball along the way. It has yet to bring them that elusive win, although that obviously isn't a huge shocker. Time is running out Mr. Excel. I should have seen if he would bet me money on that one. Then again it would have made me feel like a traitor to bet against my team. No matter what reality says.

Still, here are some interesting tidbits from Washington General land.

Here is a nice article about a last minute schedules game the International Elite played against the Globetrotters at Newark High School. To read it CLICK HERE!

I found a nice article on Buckets Blake. He is of course with the Globetrotters, but as some know he is heavily used to help promote the games, which has gotten him a lot of mention on this blog. Especially back when I was doing the "Best of the Guest" Generals entries. So for that reason and beacause it offered a good rundown of the Trotters illustrious history, I thought I would include the article. To read it CLICK HERE!

Here is an older article I found about Red Kotz jersey being retired. To read it you can CLICK HERE!

Here is also an article from Sports Illustrated that talks about the Harlem Globetrotters. It also has a nice section where they talk about the Washington Generals and includes mentions of Sam Sawyer and Red Klotz. CLICK HERE!

Speaking of Sam Sawyer, I came across a website for Altlantic City High School that if you scroll down far enough you can see a pic of Sawyer from his High School basketball days. To see it CLICK HERE!

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