Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Red and Gloria Klotz To Celebrate Their 70th Anniversary Today!

Today is a very special day in Washington Generals Land, as today marks the 70th anniversary of Washington Generals owner Red Klotz and his wife Gloria. The couple met on a beach in Margeret New Jersey and eventually fell in love and got married 70 years ago today.

Gloria (born Gloria Stein) helped run the business end of the Washington Generals through many of their early years, as well as serving as the timekeeper for the Generals for a long time as well. Gloria also ran a bar and liquor store in Atlantic City in the early years to help keep the team going, back when basketball was not the moneymaker it is today.

The couple had six children together, including their son Chuck who was the globetrotters public-address announcer, and their daughter Jody Ferrari (wife of current Washington Generals GM John Ferrari) who served as the business manager for the Washington Generals.

They have a whopping twelve grandchildren. Among them former New York National, Morgan "Mo" Klotz. As well as four Great Grandchildren.

Their marriage is an inspiration, surviving decades of Red traveling on the road. Showing that if you're in love and work at it, a marriage can endure even the most hectic and unusual of circumstances. The fact the Washington Generals has become nothing short of a family business shows a marriage and family that has thrived.

I wish the couple congratulations on this occasion from one of Red's biggest fans. Here's hoping for still many great years to come.


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  1. Their bar on the Northside has always been a sore eye of illegal activities. I wish they never placed that bar in the black neighborhood and opened it in Margate, NJ where they dwell. I basically have no respect for people who make a living off of poor people.