Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Randomness - Special Edition

Photo by Dinur Blum. Used under Creative Commons.
So why is this a "Special Edition" of randomness you ask? 

The answer is simple. Work was so hectic that I missed reporting a few of the better links in the last Randomness post. So this week only, I will be posting a second edition of Randomness. 

So without further ado...

The website "Our Sports Central" did a story on Washington General William "Bill" Richardson. Richardson is a graduate of St. Martins Uniersity in Washington, as well as a former player for the Olympia Reign of the International Basketball League (IBL). Richardson has been playing for the Washington Generals since last fall during the European Leg of the 2011 tour. The story was done to promote the 2012 tour as it came through Western Washington last week. To read the story CLICK HERE!

CBS Houston posted an audio podcast from their Mad Radio show interviewing the Generals long time nemesis "Sweet Lou" Dunbar. Legendary Showman (and the Showman when I first started attending Globetrotter games) longtime coach of the Harlem Globetrotters and the Globetrotters current director of Player Personnel . Which means he is the one to blame for Tiny and Too Tall's embarrassing the Generals with always beating them in the tip off's and Hops annoying habit to jump higher than a kangaroo.

The interview was just over 9 minutes long. But around the 8 minute mark they talked a little about the Washington Generals "Hiatus". Sweet Lou gave me hope maybe the Green and Gold will be back when he talked about them "Trying to get a better squad" and then something about them "combing" into the two teams.

He kind of fumbled his explenation of the last part which was surprising, as this can't be the first interview he had to explain they weren't playing the Washington Generals. I assumed that when the tour started the Globetrotters PR guys had to have an explanation ready to explain to any reporters who saw they were playing the International Elite or Global Select and asked the obvious question. Surprising as for the most part while I am still getting used to the new names, the decision did seem pretty well thought out.

 He did also briefly mention that "Possibly they'll be back next year". Who knows, it has mostly been wishful thinking when I hoped that the Generals would return after the story line this season was over. Maybe there is still a chance this change is short term.

Sweet Lou also made mention how beating the Globetrotters would be like "Shooting Santa." Red should really see about getting Royalties whenever that line is used.

If you would like the hear the interview, CLICK HERE!

I came across an interesting story stating that Andrew Perloff, a writer for Sports Illustrated, played on the International Elite in a game in Bridgeport, CT last Friday. The reason that is interesting is that I hadn't heard anything about any "Guest General" type players playing for the Elite or Select. I assumed they did away with it with their new identities. It is part of the reason I stopped doing the "Best of the Guest Generals" stories. But apparently they brought it back, or are doing it a lot less frequently. Incedently getting an ESPN reporter, for Football no less, might not be the best strategy for our boys to take the World Championship trophy. Just saying. To read about this "Guest Elite" CLICK HERE!

And in closing, here is a former Washington General and current Globetrotter, Jonte "Too Tall" Hall at a reported 5'2" slam dunking the ball. Yeah you heard that right, and sure maybe that isn't a regulation hoop... but it's still impressive.

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