Friday, March 9, 2012

Randomness 38th Edition

Military Photo in the public domain.
A gentelman named Rob Roberts posted the following as a comment to one of my post...

I was at the 1PM Nassau Coliseum - Globetrotters vs Global Select game yesterday. Globel Select was up by 6 with 2 minutes left. The Trotters had been missing their shots and the Select was making theirs. My son then noticed that the scorer kept stoping / pausing the clock when he shouldn't have. This allowed the Trotters extra time needed to make some more shots to finally take the lead with a minute on the clock left and win. I think without the help of the clock operator, this is a likely Global Select win.

Glad to hear that the Select did such a good job and made the Globetrotters "earn it", as I like to put it. If you are interested in my comments on the scoreboard issue then you can read it in the original post comments. CLICK HERE!

The Herald Tribune did brief coverage of the International Elite (which they incorrectly called the International Elite All-Stars) playing the Globetrotters. They even briefly acknowledged the Washington Generals name being taken off the schedule. In name only, in body and spirit the Generals have never left. CLICK HERE!

Not really much focus on the Elite themselves, but the blog "Sac and Beyond", posted some nice coverage of the Elite's game against the Globetrotters in the Power Balance Pavilion last January. If you would like to read it CLICK HERE!

In closing here is a video from the game at the game last Sunday between the Elite and Globetrotters at the Convocation Center in Norfolk, VA. Featuring Special K introducing himself to the Elite players at the start of the game, along with some other tom foolery.

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