Thursday, March 22, 2012

Randomness -39th Edition - Includes Site Announcement

Before I get into this weeks Randomness, I wanted to get into some site news. As some of you, I am sure, have noticed I am not updating as frequently as I used to. I won't get into what happened, as I am sure no one wants excuses. But suffice it to say I have been a bit more busy than I was when I started this site. 

As such post to this blog will be a little slower than usual for the moment. It doesn't mean I am giving up on this blog. On the contrary, I still love the Generals as much as ever, new name and "Black and Yellow" and everything. Just for the immediate future updates may be a bit slower. 

I don't know how long this will continue. It shouldn't be too long, but I don't want to give a specific time table and then not keep to it. As I know that would be worse. 

I will do my best to make the updates I have count, and will still keep on top of what is going on in Washington General's land and of course update on "breaking news" as fast as I can. I also am working on some new "Top Player" entries which will include some Generals that have long been overdue for one. 

So please, bear with me and keep visiting. In exchange I will do my best to not only get back to more frequent updates as soon as possible. But emphasize quality over quantity in the meantime, and beyond. 

With that out of the way...

I just came across this but a quick congratulations to the International Elite and Harlem Globetrotters for selling out the Florida Atlantic University arena earlier this month. To read about the game CLICK HERE!

A blog called Bringham's Blog did a post on our favorite sports team which can be read HERE!

There was also an excellent article about the Elite's game against the Globetrotters in Northwest Georgia Trade and Convention Center You can read it HERE!

There was a brief article mentioning the upcoming game in the Washington Generals "quasi home town" of Washington, DC that you can read HERE!

This is Globetrotter related, but here is a list I came across of the "25 Greatest Harlem Globetrotter Players of All Time" from Yahoo Sports!. Unfortunatley none of the Generals to cross over to the Globetrotters made the cut (was holding out hope Gene Hudgins or Clyde Sinclair would make his list. But no such luck), but it is still an interesting list. To read it CLICK HERE!

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