Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to take a minute to wish all the readers of this blog a Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. I hope everyone reading this blog has a safe and happy Christmas. Or, for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas a safe and happy Holidays in general.

The Washington Generals will start their North America Tour with the Globetrotters on the 26th, but I hope they will still have some time to enjoy the season with their loved ones. Also, if any of them happen to be read this blog, I wish them safe travels on a grueling tour that will cover the next several months. The fans appreciate the sacrifices you all make to entertain us, and especially our children.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Randomness - 31st Edition

Red Klotz in his prime.
I am pretty much over hearing about the Dan Gilbert thing. It's good PR for the Generals but it's been weeks, hasn't the sports world moved on? That being said, this was a funny humorous article on it so for the last time I will share a Dan Gilbert article with you. Unless of course he mans up and takes Klotz on their offer. Anyway to read the article CLICK HERE!

Jacob Tucker, rookie Harlem Globetrotter, has been getting a lot of press this week and last in preparation for the North America tour. With his YouTube stardom and being highly publicized it should do good to get the Globetrotters name out there. Which of course is good for the Generals as well. I found one of his better interviews of the week, where he pokes some goodhearted fun at the Generals also. But what else do you expect from someone from the rival team? To read it CLICK HERE!

In closing here is a great article on Red Klotz from last year that I don't think I shared before. CLICK HERE!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Randomness - 30th Edition (Brief update on the Dan Gilbert offer.)

Photo by Bengt Muten. Used under creative commons.
I got a shout out last Sunday on an article about the Dan Gilbert comments. Plenty has been written about it, and the subsequent invite to play and/or coach for the Washington Generals. But this is definitely one of the better ones. And one that pays respect to the Generals. Read it HERE!

Detroit Daily Deals had a promotion for tickets to the Washington Generals vs Harlem Globetrotters game on December 26th. (although given current happening it's possibly the Generals won't be playing under that name by then.) It was not really anything new but it had some clever remarks and puns among the usual press release fare most issue when promotion their sales. So I thought I would give them their due. If you want to read it, CLICK HERE!

Dan Gilberts invite to join the Washington Generals turned out to be a good PR move for the Generals whether or not he accepts it. As sports writers can't stop talking about it.

While there isn't any real news, a spokesman for the Cavilliers apparently said Gilbert wasn't going to comment. It baffles me that he will put his foot in his mouth with the comment that all started it. But apparently he find commenting on this offer to be going too far. He is a strange, strange man. Although it should be noted that many think this is a tongue in cheek invite, and it most is. Although as regulars on this blog know they have a whole routine for Guest Generals and even guest coaches. So if Gilbert were to accept they could make good on the offer and give the man some good press especially with the proposed discount the Generals offered. Gilbert either doesn't realize the Generals are semi-serious on this offer, or doesn't care. To read a bit more on this you can CLICK HERE!

And in closing, here is a brief video of the recent game from the Global Select's military tour in Fleet Activities Sasebo

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Old Spice MANta Caluse Has A Gift Under The Generals Tree

The Old Spice Guy, AKA "The Man You Women Wish Your Man Could Smell Like" is giving gifts away to all 7-million of the world this Christmas. On his second day last week on the 6th, he gave a gift to the Washington Generals.

I love that something this high profile as old spice is giving my favorite team a shout out, so I wanted anyone who hasn't seen it to get a look at it now.

Don't give up hope Generals, many people do still believe in you.

Update: Some of you may have noticed that the computer readout said "26 gifted". If anyone is wondering where they would have gotten that number, 26 are how many players are currently on the roster through the various touring teams. According to the current roster listing on the Generals website. So kudos to whoever made it for going to the effort to look that up (assuming I guess, they didn't contact the Generals for that) since most would have simply put "5" or "12" aka the size of a normal basketball team.

You can view the rest of the MANta Claus gifts on Old Spice's YouTube Channel.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Best Of The Guest Generals: Nick Vitale

Nick Vitale, a seasoned actor, emcee and journalist entered and won a contest in 2009 to become the "Face of FOX43", the local FOX affiliate in Portsmouth, VA.

The position is one common to FOX affiliates. It means making numerous public appearances, as well as promos and other various duties for the local station. One thing many "Faces if FOX" have done is be recruited as a Guest General when the Washington Generals come to town to face the Harlem Globetrotters. Vitale was no exception.

While some of the "Best of the Guest Generals" get their spot on this blog for playing above par to their many counterparts... Vitale was not one of them.

The reason he is being mentioned here as one of "illustrious" Guest Generals, is his YouTube video he created about his spot.

I liked it because in addition to the standard interviews with coach Reggie Harrison (who Guest Generals love to interview, which is no surprise as he is every bit the Showman the Trotters are.) and Harlem Globetrotter Special K, but also gave a lot of face time to then Washington General Antoine Maddox. And as regulars on this blog know, I am all for journalist giving a Washington General player some good face time.

His video also stood out in that it had a very off the cuff, sort of MTV style editing job to it. Which made it a lot of fun to watch and both Vitale and the people he interviewed were definitely "on" that night. Special K's crack about the video game was also some very good ad libbing. The guy is one of the best Globetrotter Showmen ever in my book, largely beacause of stuff like this. He is just great at both the ad libbing as well as following the reams.

It was not a good night for the Generals. It's no surprise they lost, but they lost big that night. Despite his best efforts Vitale was not able to turn the teams luck around.

Regardless, he clearly was having fun, and I also liked him thanking the Washington Generals at the end. When most thank the Globetrotters not realizing that despite their working relationship, they are not the same team.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Randomness - 29th Edition

With the Washington Generals 2012 World Tour just over the horizon there wasn't much to report in the randomness post. But here are a couple tidbits.

I came across a new article from the Quatar. I am including it mostly beacause it is a new article but very puzzling. They mention the New York Nationals as if they are still the opponents to the Globetrotters. Even though as most of you know they haven't been using that name for some time. They also mention Donald Johnson who is not the current head coach of the team by any name. And to make it wierder they use a photo of the "Global Select". I know the Generals do not visit Doha often, but they recently were there and Reggie Harrison was the coach, and of course they played as the Global Select. So the whole thing was just... wierd. Although I guess any press for Klotz team is good press. To read it CLICK HERE!

Since Dan Gilbert's recent Washington Generals crack got so much press. I wanted to share one of the most hilarious Washington Generals comparisons I have heard in a long time. Twitter user polkpanther recently posted.
The no-name bidders on Storage Wars are the Washington Generals of reality TV.
I am late sharing this news, mostly beacause I genuinley feel uncomfortable reporting on something so horrific on this blog. Especially given that is seems like it might have unearthed things about Bashline's personal life that weren't known to everyone who knew him. But a suspect was named and arrested a while back on Globetrotter trainer Thomas Bashlines murder. To read it CLICK HERE!
In closing here is a video a video from a game in the Arco Arena back in 2009 featuring the infamous plexi glass cover over the Trotters hoop.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dan Gilbert Offered A Job With The Washington Generals

Photo by Deb Nystron. Used under Creative Commons.
Dan Gilbert, the owner of the Cleveland Cavilers, has gotten the Washington Generals some good free publicity recently. Even more than Barkey's crack about them being able to beat the Miami Heat.

ESPN recently published that in response to the Chris Paul-to-Lakers trade, Gilbert wrote that the NBA should just change the names of 25 of the 30 NBA teams to the "Washington Generals".

It's always funny to me when comments like this catch on, beacause it isn't like people haven't been comparing a bad team, in any sport, to the Washington Generals for decades now. For as long as I can remember people have been spouting off stuff like this. But for some reason, every once in a while, someone makes a comment like this and it stands out from the rests.

Red Klotz is never one to turn down a chance to get the name of his team out there. He recently sent a letter to Gilbert offering him a job with his legendary team of "losers".

It stated...
Dear Mr. Gilbert,
...We would like to offer you the chance to play in, or coach our games against the Harlem Globetrotters at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 27 at Quicken Loans Arena. We have already created a personalized jersey, just for you, should you agree to join us.
To show you that we are serious, we'll offer a 25 percent discount on tickets to Cleveland-area fans to watch you and the Generals in action.
We know with your help, we have the chance to end our 40-year losing streak against the world-famous trick-shooters.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Red Klotz
I have no doubt this is a sincere offer. The Generals, and by proxy the Globetrotters, would only benefit from Gilbert taking Klotz up on this offer. It would give the Generals/Globetrotter game, only weeks into their 2012 North American tour, some big press and no doubt increase ticket sales.

Now clearly it would still be a Globetrotters vs Generals game. So his playing for the team would surely be the same ream as any other "Guest Generals". Just with a real jersey and not a souvenir "00".

Likewise, his coaching the team would probably not play out any different than other guest coaches of the past. Or yield any different results. As much as us Generals fans would love it if it did.

But I think Gilbert should consider taking them up on their offer.

His comment was unnecessary and out of line, which is nothing new. Whining is his specialty these days.

So taking the Generals up on this offer would be a very good move at damage control. It would show his willingness to laugh at himself and be a good sport. A trait he has sincerely been lacking. It would also send some positive press his way, which he and his team could definitely use.

Gilbert has so far not commented on this "job offer". Similar offers like this have been sent over the years, and usually the people involved aren't good enough sports to take them up on it. But I think it would be a good move for Gilbert. Whether or not he will see it the same way remains to be seen.


Dan Gilbert invited to play coach for the Washington Generals

Dan Gilbert Should Accept Washington Generals' Offer

Washington Generals Invite Dan Gilbert To Play Or Coach For Them In Exhibition

Monday, December 5, 2011

Washington Generals Top Players: Gene Hudgins

Gene Hudgins (Left)
As some fans of the Washington Generals know, many Harlem Globetrotters started out playing for the Generals. But Gene Hudgins made the jump before anyone else.

Born in 1935 in Cape May Courthouse, N.J., Hudgins first made his mark in basketball playing at Atlantic City High School. In his senior year Hudgins became an All-State and All-American basketball player, while becoming an honor student in the process.

He graduated in 1952 (coincidentally, the same year the Washington Generals were first formed) and initially attended Virginia State College in Petersburg before transferring to Morgan State University in Baltimore, M.D. He was a star player at Morgan State and graduated with a bachelors in health and physical education.

After graduating from Morgan State in 1956, Hudgins signed with the Washington Generals, becoming the first black player for the previously all white team. It was there he met and became long time friends with Washington Generals owner Red Klotz, Who Hudgens has described in interviews as being like a second father to him.

Klotz said in an interview once that with Hudgins skills it was only a matter of time before the Globetrotters would want him. Sure enough, the following season Hudgins became the first Washington General to ever make the jump to the Harlem Globetrotters, paving the way for future players like Frank Stevens, Clyde Sinclair and current Globetrotters Derick "Dizzy" Grant and Jonte "Too Tall" Hall.

Gene went on to play for the Globetrotters for six seasons, playing alongside such Globetrotter greats at Wilt Chamberlain, Meadowlark Lemon, Herbert "Geese" Ausbie, and baseball great "Bullet" Bob Gibson. He was also part of several World Series of Basketball tours, and performed in front of such legendary figures as Pope John XXIII and Nikita Kruschev.

Most experts say in an other time Hudgins would have found his way to the NBA. But during that period the NBA had an unofficial "cap" on how many black players were to be on one team. The result kept Hudgens out of the NBA, but he more than made the most of it.

After leaving the Globetrotters in 1963, Hudgins turned to teaching and coaching in the Atlantic City and Pleasantville, N.J. school systems. Most notably coaching basketball at Pleasantville High School.

Hudgins went on to become a prominent figure for his community off the court as well.

He became active in the union with Local 54, which he is credited with helping clean up after years of mob ties. He later went on to become manager for Local 54.

Gene was a local television figure in Altlantic City, most notably as a color commentator for the Atlantic City Seaguls.

He also has been the recipient of too many rewards to count. The one he was reportedly most proud of was being inducted into the Atlantic City High School Hall of Fame in 2003. He told a local reporter "There's nothing like an in-town award.

Hudgins passed away in 2008 at the age of 73, but his legacy lives on. Not just with the many Washington Generals who have followed in his footsteps to make the jump to the Globetrotters. But also with the community he loved, the Harlem Globetrotters, and the many people on and off the basketball court he inspired.

Being born at the wrong time kept Gene Hudgins from rising to the top of basketball in the NBA. But he no less made his mark.


Hoops Hero

Gene Hudgins Dies

Atlantic City Basketball Legend Gene Hudgins Dies at 73

Gene L. Hudgins, 73, Basktbeall Coach

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Generals Begin Their 10th Millitary Tour

U.S. Air Force Photo by Tech Sgt. Marie Brown.
The Washington Generals have begun their 10th annual millitary tour this last Tuesday the 29th. Although they will be playing it in their Global Select persona. Which it looks at least for the time being, is not going anywhere.

The tour will feature the Select and the Globetrotters taking each other on in bases in Guam and Japan. Wrapping up December 11th where both teams will then get ready to begin their North America tour which will begin December 16th.

These aren't their most lucritive tours of course. But the Generals have been helping the Globetrotters bring a slice of home to our men and women overseas. Especially brave to be out defending our country in these times. And I commend both teams for their part in giving back to the people we American's owe so much to.

Clips from the game in Misawa, Japan.


Globetrotters Embark on 10th Military Tour

Globetrotters Amaze Misawa Community

Note: Other than the tour there was no real news for the Generals this week. So I will not be doing a Randomness Post. But will continue them next week.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to wish anyone from the US reading this a happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are spending it with those you love.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Randomness Week 28

Military Photo in the public domain.
I'm a couple hours early. But since it was finished I decided to post the "Randomness" post now.

First of all I got quoted in the latest blog entry on Jews in Sports at the blog "Gather The Jews" and no, I am not either Jewish or in Sports. But they the latest blog entry on Jews in sports was on the most awesome Jewish basketball player ever, Red Klotz and the Washington Generals. I highly reccomend reading the blog entry and not simply beacause I got a mention in it, but it is a great article on a great man. By someone who "gets it". You can read the blog entry by CLICKING HERE! put up their list of the top 10 Jewish Basketball stars. Among the list were a few names familiar to the Washington Generals. Most notable and predictably were Red Klotz (at #10) and Nancy Lieberman (at #2). Also on the list were Harold S. "Bunny" Levitt (at #8), who traveled putting on a free throw exhibition with the Globetrotters for a time, and Adolph "Dolph" Schayes, the older brother of former Washington General Herman Schayes, topped the list at #1. To see the whole list CLICK HERE!

Over on the Globetrotter side of things, the Trotters have been billing their own Tiny Strugess, their newest rookie center, as "the tallest professional basketball player ever." But the Guinness World Records made it official. As famous Washington Generals fan Krusty the Clown might say, "The Generals need to bring a ladder to the floor!". You can read more by CLICKING HERE!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Ebook By Sean McCartney Released

Former Washington General and young adult novelist Sean McCartney has announced his newest e-book has been released.

The book is titled Black Knight Chronicles: Rise of Evil and Sean describes it as as being in the tradition of Lord of the Rings and Eragon.

The book description according to Amazon is as follows...

After an era of war, peace finally comes to the Kingdom of Dacian. All is well until a fateful day in December when an evil wizard unleashes his ruthless assassins on a path of death and destruction. Now darkness has begun to envelope the land. In time, a young king will be tested and rival groups must come together to save the kingdom from annihilation.

...Defeat is Unimaginable.

Sean has currently published two young adult novels in his "The Treasure Hunters Club" series, and has said on the series Facebook group that the release date for the third should be out soon.



And while you are at it


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Randomness Week 27 (more news on Thomas Bashlines Murder)

The New Jersey Reds vs The Harlem Globetrotters.
Photo courtesy of the Benedictine University Library.
Used under Creative Commons 
Some pictures from one of the games in France between the Global Select and Harlem Globetrotters can be viewed HERE!

Harlem Globetrotter, and former Washington General, Dizzy Grant will be part of the "Show Your Soft Side" campaign. Which is developed by the city of Baltimore to combat animal abuse. As an animal lover I definitley approve. To read about it CLICK HERE!

The case of the murder of Thomas Bashline which I reported earlier, took a new and unexpected turn as the police have arrested the alleged killer. If you want the details CLICK HERE! 

A blog called The Adventures of Kelli and David gave a rundown of watching the game last weekend in France. A nice account and always nice to see adults appreciating the Globetrotters game. To read it CLICK HERE!

I found a movie review of "Go, Man, Go!". Which was the second movie the Globetrotters did in 1954. To read the review CLICK HERE!

A family website for the Walsh Family has some photos from a game a few years back between the Generals and the Globetrotters. CLICK HERE!

I just found an article on Red Klotz from a while back that asks what I have been asking on this blog more than once, which is why Red Klotz is not in the Hall of Fame? To read it CLICK HERE!

In the latest on the Washington Generals current identity crisis they played in Qatar as the "Global Select". I have no idea what this means, although I do NOT like that they aren't playing as the Generals. Here is hoping this doesn't carry over to the North America tour come December.

Here is a video out of the introduction to both the Select and the Globetrotters. While I am complaining I want to say that it annoys me that they aren't currently introducing the players by name when they come out. I know people come to see the Globetrotters, but the Generals deserve recognition too. Although who knew Reggie Harrison led a number of teams into Championship matches. Maybe they are including the International Elite, and World Select. If so he led a number of teams with stupid names into championship matches.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Annahar TV Highlights The Elite's Game In Lebanon

Annahar TV posted a video showing highlights from one of the games in Lebanon between the International Elite and the Harlem Globetrotters.

I am giving it it's own post in part because it is the kind of video I love. Well edited, great music, and well placed clips. It is also one of the few videos from a professional TV station to feature clips of not just the Globetrotters impressive shots, but some great shot by the Elite as well.

It shows a big difference between the way the Generals (technically Elite this game, but not like they are fooling anyone) are precived in a lot of the overseas markets where they don't play as often.

While most North American fans and fans in European Countries where the Trotters frequent too often dismiss the Generals as "the guys who lose", in markets like Lebanon where the Trotters are a rarity the Generals are seen more as what they are. A vital part of the overall show.

The other thing in the video that shows the difference not regularly playing in a country makes as well. In the bucket of confetti show check out the adults ducking for cover. How often do you see grown men and women falling for THAT in North America?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Generals Have A Second Identity For Their Tour of France and Lebanon

Generals/Select/Elite player
Jimmie Miles in Global Select uniform
In an earlier post covering the tour of Lebanon, I mentioned how a report of one of their games in Lebanon reffered to the Globetrotters opponents as the "World Select". Since I hadn't seen any other reference of that name and it was simmilar to "International Elite", I wasn't sure if it wasn't some kind of translation snafu. Turns out it wasn't.

At recent coverage of the French tour, although early games were against the International Elite, I found definite proof of the Generals using the World Select identity as well. Specifically at the November 12th game in Geneve.

I am not sure what the deal is with the Generals playing under a new alias. When it first happened at the Lebanon games, I thought maybe they didn't want such a militaristic name for their opponent in that country.

But France wouldn't have that problem, and in fact the Washington Generals play over there regularly. Meaning some of their fans are probably as puzzled by this as I am.

I am theorizing, and so far it's only a theory as I haven't found any definite explenation, that with both of them having such a general international name, that perhaps they are trying out giving a name that would feel less Americanized for the Trotters opponents overseas. It would make some sense seeing as how the Harlem Globetrotters are at home anywhere, but having an opponent with an American name does make it seem more like an American show visiting another country.

Either way, I really hope this isn't some permanent change. As I have said before I hate it when the Generals go under another name. It just never feels like a Globetrotter game when they aren't playing the Washington Generals. They are their opponents and are as iconic as the Globetrotters. Superman never replaced Lex Luthor with Joe Smith after all.

It seemed like the Globetrotter had realized this back in 2008 when they went back to the Washington Generals name. So this change is really puzzling. The upcoming game in Quatar does list it as the Washington Generals playing the Globetrotters.

Although since the game is right after their tour of France ends, I am assuming it will be the same team that has been playing in Lebanon and France. So I am wondering if the opposing team being the "Generals" hasn't changed? Or else the Quatar media just made the obvious assumption it would be the Generals.

Here's hoping that this isn't a permanent change, and/or one that will happen in the North America tour. Their game here in Oklahoma City this January will be the first time my nephew sees the Washington Generals play the Globetrotters. I'll be disappointed if he sees them as the "World Select" or "International Elite". I guess the true test will be when the North America tour starts next month.

Once I find out more I will be sure to keep everyone updated.

And on a final note... "World Select" is a lousy name for a team. If the Trotters made the, in my opinion ill advised decision, to once again ask Ferrari and Klotz to change the team name long term, I REALLY hope that one doesn't stick.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Washington Generals Other Opponents

Most people are under the impression the Washington Generals have only ever played the Globetrotters.

In recent decades, at least to my knowledge, that has pretty much been the case. But what most people don't know is back in the 50's, during the Washington Generals early days, they actually faced several other teams in addition to their infamous feud with the Harlem Globetrotters.

The reason was that in those years, the Harlem Globetrotters toured under quite a different model then what most of us are familiar with. 

By the 1950's the Harlem Globetrotters regularly toured with not one, but three different teams each tour. Why so many teams? Because the Globetrotters weren't the only game on tap that night. 

Many of the Trotters games would feature a double header. The initial game would feature two of these teams facing off against each other in a "competitive" game prior to the Globetrotters game. After that game was over, the Trotters would then face off against the third team, who would take on the role of a "Stooge team". 

A "stooge team" would basically play the role fans today associate with the Washington Generals. Where during the game the Globetrotters would do comedy bits, which the other team would play along with to help entertain the crowd. The three teams would rotate who would play the Trotters, meaning in these tours the Generals would usually play the Globetrotters every third game. 

Some of the teams most often touring, in addition to the Washington Generals, were legendary barnstorming teams The New York Celtics, The Boston Whirlwinds, the Toledo Mercuries, the House of David and even Red Kotz former team The Philadelphia Spha's, among others.

There was even a team during the pre-generals era in the rotation that went by the "New York Nationals" for a time. Little did they know how controversial that name would one day become against the Globetrotters. 

Some variations would be used to this formula, as there were incidents of one team playing a college team in the pre-game, or even the Globetrottes playing a college team in the "featured game" with two other teams warming up the crowd. I even read reports of the Globetrotters and another barnstorming team playing one half each against a local college team, before playing each other in a featured game.

There were also incidents where NBA teams would travel in the off season and be featured "in the rotation", usually in the first game to help warm up the crowd for the, at the time, more popular Globetrotters. 

What is most interesting about this era of the Washington Generals history, is that in the games when the Generals were playing opponents besides the Trotters the games were 100% competitive. And more importantly, the Generals won several such games. 

The actual win/loss record during this era is pretty much lost to history. Box scores were not kept for all games, or even most of these games.

As such, how many wins the Generals got are pretty much unknown. It's almost certain even the few Generals still alive today from those games could tell you how many they won anymore, if they ever knew. 

But the most impressive win the Generals incurred during this time, possibly even a bigger feather in their cap then even their six victories against the Globetrotters, was a win against NBA team The Philadelphia Warriors. The exact details are unknown, but it is believed this happened during the Generals first season in 1952-53. 

Eddie Gottlieb
In the book "The Mogul", which talks about the life of Philadelphia Warriors owner Eddie Gottlieb, Red Kotz is quoted as saying...

He (Gottlieb) wasn’t too happy either when we beat the Warriors in an exhibition game. That was my first victory with the Generals. Eddie was terribly upset. He said “What the hell are you doing?”. I said, “Well, I have to beat somebody”.

The Warriors are not the only NBA team to have squared off against the Washington Generals, as the St. Louis Hawks also played at least one game against the Washington Generals during the 1955-56 season.

It is unclear how many victories over their various barnstorming travelling partners the Generals had. Red Klotz has stated that the Generals beat every team that has faced them at one time or another. A statement I have little doubt is true considering the very impressive list of basketball players where were with the Generals during the 1950's, which consisted of some of the best Generals ever. 

These days the Washington Generals may make their living losing to the Globetrotters, but once upon a time the world knew what many Washington Generals fans know today. That underneath the constant unlucky foils of the Harlem Globetrotters, are a talented bunch of players worthy of being called "winners".


Washington Generals vs The NBA

Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekly Playing Schedule For The Week Of 11/13/2011 - 11/19/2011

Only one game between the Generals and the Globetrotters next week. (the original press release said it would be the Globetrotters playing the Washington Generals. It's possible it could end up being the International Elite instead.)

The game will be at the Aspire Woman's Sports Hall in Qatar.

11/15/11 - At the Aspire Woman's Sports Hall in Doha, Qatar at 8:00PM. 

I don't know if there is website to order tickets in or not. But a story linked below says you can oder tickets at Virgin Megastores in Villagio and Landmark malls.

If anyone who is from or will be in Doha on the 15th is reading this, I encourage you to go out and support the Generals.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Randomness Week 26

Copyright © by vipnyc. Used under creative commons.
Red Klotz got a mention on the blog Gather the Jews in an entry about Jews in sports. He talks about Jewish sports franchise owners and mentions Red Kotz at the end of the article. He promises more about the Washington Generals in a future blog post so it will be something for this Generals fan to look forward to. You can read the article by CLICKING HERE!

A website called "I Love Quatar" has a bit more info on the Generals and Globetrotters upcoming game in Qatar. CLICK HERE!

Penn woman's basketball will have their first game of the season against St. Francis. The struggling Penn, coached by former Washington General Mike McLaughlin, will be featuring a team of six Freshmen and Five Sophomores. It is the largest single season turnaround in program history. Penn has improved slowly under McLaughlin's leadership, but no doubt this will be a challenge to keep the momentum going. To read more about the story CLICK HERE!

In closing here is a brief clip from the November 3rd game between the International Eliete (AKA Washington Generals in their newest persona) taking on the Trotters in Lebanon.

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Look At New Washington General, Jamar Harrison

I have recently learned that Jamar Harrison will be among the new Washington Generals for this upcoming tour.

After graduating from Dunbar Senior High School, Jamar spent his first two years of college playing basketball for Bakersfield College in Bakersfield, California. In his sophmore year he transfered to Clarion University where he played out his last two years of college ball.

While at Clarion he received an ALL-PSAC West nod. During his time with Clarion he was also the third-leading scorer in the PSAC at 19.3 points per game.

This blog wishes Harrison good luck, in what I am sure will be an exciting and memorable career with the Generals. I have no doubt he will be a great asset in helping them bring out the best in the Globetrotters.

Here are some video clips of Harrison in action during his time with Clarion.

Jamar during his Senior year at Clarion

More of Jamar in action



Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thomas Bashline, Athletic Trainer For The Globetrotters, Found Dead

Thomas Bashline
I try to keep this blog positive and full of happy news and stories, as there is enough negativity in the world that a site about the Generals and Trotters seems a bad place for it. But I didn't feel right just ignoring this.

Thomas Bashline, who is the athletic trainer for the Harlem Globetrotters, was found dead Friday afternoon in Fredrick, Colorado after the police responded to a 911 call from his girlfriend. There were undisclosed amounts of gunshot wounds were found on the body but no weapon was found. The police are currently investigating.

This blog sends out their deepest wishes to Bashine's girlfriend, friends, family, and the Harlem Globetrotters.


Weekly Playing Schedule For The Week Of 11/06/2011 - 11/12/2011

The Washington Generals continue their tour of France for their second and final week, hitting six cities. They will then finish off the week with a game in Geneva, Switzerland.

Here is the schedule for the second week of their French tour and their Switzerland game.

11/06/11 - At the Centre Sportif Intercommunal in Selestat, France at 4:00PM - BUY TICKETS
11/07/11 - At the Le Tarmac in Chateauroux, France at 8:00PM - BUY TICKETS
11/08/11 - At the Cosec de St Chamard in Avigon, France at 8:00PM - BUY TICKETS
11/09/11 - At the Centre Omnisports in Agen, France at 8:00PM - BUY TICKETS
11/10/11 - At the Palais des Sports in Bayonne, France at 8:00PM - BUY TICKETS
11/11/11 -  At the Palais des Sports in Tours, France at 8:00PM - BUY TICKETS
11/12/11 - At the Arena Genf in Geneva, Switzerland at 8:00PM - BUY TICKETS

I encourage anyone in France or Switzerland that week to go out and support the Generals as they help the Globetrotters bring out their best. And bring a kid if possible, nothing beats watching the game through the eyes of a child.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Randomness Week 25

The Daily Star published an article on the Lebanon tour. You can read it by CLICKING HERE!

I came across an article talking about some games the Generals will be playing against the Globetrotters in and around Qatar. You can read the article HERE! and a more detailed story on it HERE!

There is not any new information on it, but here is a recent article on the Harlem Globetrotter Rookies, posted HERE!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Coverage of the Lebanon Tour. The Generals Play Under Yet Another Alias

Some extensive coverage from the Lebanon Tour has surfaced on YouTube. The best place to see the Generals in action besides their once a year in your local venue, and once a year (if that) on television.

Both a news story from mtv in Lebanon (which is posted just below), and some extensive footage of the game someone filmed from the stands, has been posted on YouTube.

You can only see it briefly in this video, but one thing I noticed immediately is that the Washington Generals were wearing black uniforms. Yes Black. 

Initially I actually wondered if something wasn't wrong with the color on the video. But in the extensive footage of the game posted on the 29th and the uniforms were also black there as well. Although it is possible that is just a really dark green. Either way, it is not the bright green we are used to seeing the Generals wear. 

The reason for this seems to be that the Generals did not play under their familiar "Washington Generals" moniker. Instead they adopted a new name of the World Select (which they also listed as a streetball team), according to an article listed below. Although the footage in the YouTube clips of a different game, the announcer was calling them the "International Elite".

It's possible they were playing under more than one team name, especially since they played two games a night and were in the same arena all three night. Given this is a market they Trotters usually don't travel to, they may have been trying to give the impression of playing more than one team. Not the first time they did that. When I find the whole story I will update this blog.

I am not sure why the name change in the first place, although I am guessing given Lebanon's history that a name inspired by the military just didn't seem like a good fit.

Either way the outcome was familiar, but the fans and the players seemed to have fun. Except for the "Elite" which did their usual job of hiding it well. No matter what the team name, or the color of their jersey's, they are always Washington Generals underneath, and that's alright with me.


Click below to view the game footage from YouTube user Dooles4dee. It was a pretty good game, with the Elite keeping the score close, due in part to them making some nice shots, and the Trotters missing a lot of their trick shots. The Trotters were having an off night for sure. Their also looked to be more "straight" basketball than they have had in some recent games, which was also nice. And as a plus they even made the first 4-point shot. I love it when that happens.

On an interesting note, one of the "International Elite" actually got sent to the Penalty Box this time not once but twice (both times it was long time General, Anthony Smith). I think that is the first time I have seen that happen. Although, I guess technically the "Washington Generals" record of never going to the box remains intact.

The first time was when he knocked over Special K, that looked like it might have been an accident and the referee went with it, but the second was the aftermath of the pantsing when both he and Special K went. I like someone actually went to the penalty box for the pantsing, because it seemed stupid before that they punished the trotters for their goofing before, but never for the pantsing.

Clearly Reggie Harrison and Sam Worthen's checks to the referee's have been bouncing.


For an additional story on a different Lebanon the game CLICK HERE!

UPDATE: I just learned that the Generals have been playing under their Elite persona in the France tour also. Not sure what this means, hard to believe this name changed will carry over into the US tour, but I just don't know. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekly Playing Schedule For The Week Of 10/30/2011 - 11/05/2011

Here is the playing schedule for the Washington Generals in the upcoming week. In addition to the final day of their Lebanon Tour, which I mentioned last week, the Generals will be traveling to France once more until November 12th. Here is the list of games for the first leg of the latest tour.

Incedently, some footage from the Lebanon tour has surfaced, and it looks like the new players have allready started. So look for some of the rookie class to be on hand too. So you can look to get a look at them in action before anyone else.

10/30/11 - At the Michel el Murr Stadium in Beirut, Lebanon at 1:00PM - BUY TICKETS
10/30/11 - At the Michel el Murr Stadium in Beirut, Lebanon at 6:00PM - BUY TICKETS

11/02/11 - At the Palais des Sports in Beauvais, France at 8:00PM - BUY TICKETS
11/03/11 - At the Palais des Sports in Le Harve, France at 8:00PM - BUY TICKETS
11/04/11 - At the  Palais des Sports in Berck sur Mer, France  at 8:00PM - BUY TICKETS
11/05/11 - At the Palais des Sports in Chalons-en-Champagne, France at 8:00PM - BUY TICKETS

If any of you will be in France at any of the locations, I encourage you to go out and support the Generals in a night of family fun. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Randomness Week 24

Photo by Mike/mrghx4.
Used with permission
A website called "Dick's Courtroom" which features photos from a collection of basketball jerseys, has photos of what he reports are Nancy Lieberman and Red Klot's old Washington Generals uniforms. As well as a Generals uniform from an un-named player that looks to be from the 90's. He also has photos of the uniforms of Globetrotters from Inma Jackson, Goose Tatum, Marques Hayes, and Meadowlark Lemon. To view them and many others CLICK HERE!

I found a 2008 article on Red Klots, From New Jersey Monthly. If anyone wants to read it CLICK HERE!

And while I am reffering you guys to old articles, here is another one from around that time on former General Grant Herren, who is also pictured to the left. To read it CLICK HERE!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Best Of The Guest Generals: Frank Sulkowski

In June of 2008, TV Guide Network aired a show called "Making News: Savannah Style."

The show detailed the ins and outs of WJCL and WTGS in Savannah, Georgia. The station was the lowest rated news show for Savannah, and was occupied primarily by rookie reporters on their first job out of college.

What made it of note to this blog, is that in the 12th episode of the shows first season (and I believe only season) features a sub-plot about their sports director Frank "The Big Guy" Sulkowski being recruited as a Guest General.

Sulkowski had a good showing, scoring three points for the Washington Generals. One when Special K challenged him to shoot a basket, and the other being a foul shot. In fact, the Generals ended the first half of the game up by three points. So no one can claim Sulkowski lost them the game. Of course, they did go on to lose, the Generals would have to wait another day.

The reason Frank is getting mentioned here isn't for his gameplay, however. What I loved about this particular Guest General, was that while the Globetrotters have had no shortage of reality shows, in this episode of "Making News" the Washington Generals took center stage.

The time the episode spent on the Guest General plotline was all about the Washingon Generals. Giving the team some recognition and coverage they usually don't get on National Television. Even if it was the TV Guide Channel, which I don't think even they would argue is at the top of the cable ratings.

But if you think about it, the Washington Generals getting their "Reality Show debut" on a lower tier cable channel, in a series about a bunch of underdog reporters... I'm not sure that at the end of the day, the Washington Generals couldn't have been more at home.


The episode in it's entirety is below, coutesy of Hulu. Although fair warning, while the Generals story line ends by the episode, the A plot ends in a cliffhanger. So if you end up hooked on the show because of this episode don't say I didn't warn you. 


Frank "The Big Guy" Sulkowski's Bio on WJCL

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Brief Interviews With Steve Buzinski

I came across some brief interviews with former New York National Steve Buzinski. Buzinski talks in the clips below about some of the treatment he got during the teams military tour in Korea as well as his favorite memory in a game. Where he managed to briefly get the crowd behind him. A definite rarity for a New York National to be sure.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekly Playing Schedule For The Week Of 10/23/11-10/29/11

The Washington Generals are back on the road with games in Beirut, Lebanon scheduled for next weekend. The Harlem Globetrotters Official Website only list the games for Saturday and Sunday, which was originally what was scheduled. But a commericial posted on YouTube says that the games were expanded to include Friday. So I am including all three days but anyone wanting to attend Friday's games should definitley check first.

This is still the tail end of the 2010-2011 tour, so I don't know if the Generals and Globetrotters rookie class will be there or not. They apparently played an exhibition game in a high school recently. But don't know if they will go so far as to put them on the tour to "get their feet wet" or not.

If anyone is in Beirut next weekend I encourage you to go down and support the Washington Generals. This blog wishes them a safe trip as they travel so far from home.

10/28/11 - At the  Michel el Murr Stadium in Beirut, Lebanon at 6:00PM - BUY TICKETS
10/29/11 - At the  Michel el Murr Stadium in Beirut, Lebanon at 1:00PM - BUY TICKETS
10/29/11 - At the  Michel el Murr Stadium in Beirut, Lebanon at 6:00PM - BUY TICKETS

10/30/11 - At the  Michel el Murr Stadium in Beirut, Lebanon at 1:00PM - BUY TICKETS
10/30/11 - At the  Michel el Murr Stadium in Beirut, Lebanon at 6:00PM - BUY TICKETS

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Corey "Homicide" Williams Not Returning To The NBL?

Copyright © by MR FOOJI. Used under Creative Commons.
The roster for the NBL teams has been mostly posted, and to the surprise of many, NBL star and former New York National, Corey "Homicide" Williams, is not on the roster for his previous team The Melborn Tigers. Or, for that matter, does he appear to be playing for anyone in the NBL.

This is something of a surprise as Williams, who is also a legendary street ball player, has become very popular with the NBL audiences. Not sure what prompted the change, although I do know Williams has been criticized in the past for not being a "team player" which the NBL puts a heavy emphasis on.

Being an American, I obviously haven't really been able to follow the NBL. However, Williams is arguably the most successful former General/National to still be playing professional ball outside of the team. So I am dissapointed he won't be returning to the league he has been so successful in.

Still, I am sure that Williams will return soon enough to the streetball scene and I wish him the best of luck on whatever the future holds for him.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Randomness Week 23

Original photo by VIPNYC. Used under creative commons.
I was searching the web and came across a hilarious article from "Something Awful". Not an accurate assessment to what coaches Harrison or Worthen are saying to the team at halftime, at least... I hope not. But still quite funny. To read it CLICK HERE!

The National Junior College Athletic Association posted an article on Jonte Hall's joining the Globetrotters. Nothing new in it, but if you want to see it CLICK HERE!

The UK dates have been announced for the Washington Generals 2012 tour against the Harlem Globetrotters. For those in the UK who are interested, CLICK HERE!

If anyone wants a blast from the past, a user on  FLICKR took some photos of the interior pages of an old Harlem Globetrotter program from 1968. To see it  CLICK HERE! 

And finally, here is a short clip from a game in Slovokia between the New York Nationals and the Harlem Globetrotters way back in 2007. It was during my favorite bit the two teams did, that unfortnatley seems to not be used anymore, where the General would knock down a trotter and foul.

Monday, October 17, 2011

An Interview With Mike McLaughlin

Here is a recent interview that was posted by Penn Sports Network with former Washington Generals, and current coach of the Penn Women's Basketball team, Mike McLaughlin.

Mike is beginning his third season coaching women's basketball at Penn after a very successful career coaching at Holy Family. When he came into Penn the team had a less than stellar record but they have improved tremendously under Mike's leadership in just a short time. Here is to an even better 2011-2012 season.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Washington Generals Top Players: Doug Stewart

Doug Stewart
Stewart was once a "professional loser", but to the many kids he has coached over the years, he is definitley of a winner.

Doug started his basketball career playing for Haddonfield Memorial High School in Haddonfield, N.J. He had a successful basketball career while playing for Haddonfield, and was even inducted into the Haddonfield Basketball Hall of Fame in 2009.

After graduating Haddonfield in 1991, Doug recieved a scholarship to the Ivy League College, Brown University. Where he played for 4 years and graduated with a degree in economics in 1994. While at Brown he was a four-year letter-winner and team captain.

In 1994 he was the recipient of the annual Thomas Hoagland Award. The Hoagland award is presented to the member of the varsity team who exemplifies true unselfishness through commitment and hard work, both on the court and in the community.

If that award doesn't sound like the epitome of a General I don't know what does? Apparently, the Generals felt the same way, as they signed him to a contract in 1994.

He went on to play with the team from 1994-1999, being part of the team when they adopted their New York Nationals persona.

Stewart was part of the "Harlem Globetrotters Holiday Special" playing on the Nationals with notable players such as Kevin Thibodeaux and future Globetrotter Elijah Hobley. It was the last time the Generals, under any name, were seen playing on television in over 10 years.

After leaving the Generals, like many former players, Stewart turned to coaching. And like so many Generals who move on to coaching he achieved great success.

His first major coaching job came in 2002. Ironically, Doug found himself as the assistant coach for another "Generals", in this case the Washington and Lee University Generals.

The following season, Stewart went on to become an assistant coach for Columbia. While with Columbia, Stewart developed post players, administered the strength and conditioning program, coordinated school, home and campus visits, recruited and developed practice plans.

After his year at Columbia, Stewart became an assistant coach at Casper College in Casper, Wyo for the 2003-2004 season. During that season Casper captured the central sub-region title. The following year Doug became the head coach, a position he held for 2 years. Both seasons, under Stewart's leadership, Casper came within one game of winning the regional title.

After his time in Casper was finished, Stewart came full circle and returned once more to Brown, this time as an assistant coach. Stewart spent two years as an assistant coach at Brown, and during the 2007-2008 season, he helped the Brown Bears achieve a school-record 19 victories and earn their fourth-ever post-season tournament berth.

After leaving Brown, Doug found himself as the assistant head coach at Oregon State. After serving as an assistant coach for two seasons, Stewart was promoted to associate head coach in 2010. It is a position has to this day

Stewart spent 6 years losing. But took what he learned from those experiences to help the next generation of basketball players. It's a legacy the Washington Generals, or the New York Nationals, can be proud of.

In closing here is a short interview Stewart did in 2009.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Randomness Week 22

Photo by Sheree K.
Used under creative commons.
Fox Sports Wisconsin has posted an excellent story about Generals coach Sam Worthen. To read it CLICK HERE!

Mike Atkinson, a former New York National and basketball trainer, is now featured as a basketball expert in Stack magazine and website. Stack is a magazine written specifically for sports athletes. You can read more about it in his own blog by CLICKING HERE!

Former General Adam "A-Po" Powell has posted a rap he did on YouTube. To listen CLICK HERE!

Some collectable photos of the Washington Generals playing the Harlem Globetrotters have gone up on e-bay. You can check them out HERE, HERE, and HERE!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vinatage Washington Generals

Once more, here is some footage of the Washington Generals in action back in the "old days". Or more accurately, the "United States All-Stars."

From 1958, here is some footage from Holland that features the Washington Generals in their persona of the "United States All-Stars" (a lesser known persona they sometimes played under during the 50's) taking on the Harlem Globetrotters in Holland in 1958.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Jonte Hall "Traded" To The Harlem Globetrotters

Jonte "Too Tall" Hall
The Harlem Globetrotters announced their new rookie class today, and I am happy to report one of them is a "trade" from the Washington Generals.

Jonte Hall has been signed to the Harlem Globetrotters and will begin playing during the 2012 world tour, which kicks off on December 26th.

As is accustomed with the Globetrotters, Jonte has adopted a nickname (the Generals are so awesome their players don't need nick names.) So as of December 2011, Jonte will be known as "Too Tall" Hall.

Hall is being billed as the smallest Globetrotter ever at 5'2". Although, everything I have seen about him in the past list him as 5'3".

Jonte joined the Washington Generals a season and a half ago, near the end of the 2010 World Tour. He joined during the international leg, a common place for the Generals to "test out" new players. 

Jonte formerly played basketball for Catonsville Community College in Marilynd. He also briefly played with the now defunct Baltimore Pearls of the ABA.

Jonte is not the first Washington General to make the jump to the Harlem Globetrotters. Joining such former General and Globetrotter greats as long time Globetrotter Donald "Clyde" Sinclair, Frank Stephens who played with the Globetrotters during their prime in the 60's and 70's. Not to mention current Globetrotter,  Dizzy Grant. Who played for the New York Nationals in their final season before joining the Globetrotters.

Here is hoping a long and successful career with the Globetrotters for Jonte Hall.

- - - - - - - - - -

For those who are curious, here is a quick rundown of the other nine future rivals of the Washington Generals.

Jacob "Hops" Tucker - Some of you may remember Jacob Tucker from winning the Denny's Slam Dunk Contest.

Out of Illinois College, Jacob's performance at the Slam Dunk Contest, not to mention his insane 50ft vertical leap, got him drafted by the Globetrotters.

Of all the draft picks for 2011, Tucker was the one who was most vocal about being interested. So his joining is the least surprising. Regardless, anyone who has seen the videos of him dunking on YouTube knows that he was taylor made for the Harlem Globetrotters.

Paul "Tiny" Sturgess - Really? "Tiny"? They are nicknaming their tallest player ever "Tiny". I get the joke, don't get me wrong. I am just disappointing they went with such a predictable nickname.

Regardless, Sturgess was also part of the 2011 Globetrotter draft. I am a bit more surprised by him, although he would have been my second choice to join from the draft.I kind of thought he would get a good minor league or overseas contract based on his size alone. Their loss is the Globetrotters gain though, and the Generals nightmare.

Strugess hails from Loughborough, England and played previously for Mountain State University in West Virginia.

On an interesting note, Strugess is the only rookie to not be shown in the promotional photos of the new class. He also has a broken link on his profile at the Globetrotters page. I don't know if he was a late choice, they are going to do some "unveil the giant" kind of thing, or the link is simply broken.

Strugess was the tallest player ever in the NCAA and will become the tallest Harlem Globetrotter in the teams history at a whopping 7'8". The Generals better bring a ladder.

Darnell "Spider" Wilks - Wilks is the third draft pick to make the team. I could be wrong because I often am, but I think this is the first time three draft picks actually went on to play for the Globetrotters.

Considering the other draft pics were a 13 year old who won't be playing for another 10 years or so (if he chooses to join at that time), a soccer star, and a guy who was shortly after drafted by the Lakers, Wilks was the only other draft pick really in the running to end up on the Globetrotters.

Still, a lot of critics sited how the draft was "mostly for show" so with half the draft picks ending up playing for the Trotters they are welcome to give their critics a big "suck it!"

Wilks previously played for the University of Cincinnati and was a runner up in the Slam Dunk Contest.

John "Jett" Williams - Yet another participant in the Slam Dunk Contest, which as you might guess is a favorite of the Globetrotters to recruit from. For obvious reasons.

Williams previously played for UNC-Asheville where he led the team in blocks during his senior year and was second in rebounding.

While he has not gotten as much attention as some of the more "flashy" draft picks, Williams is definitley going to be one to watch. I think after when it is all said and done, and everyone has finished their careers with the Trotters, Jett might be the breakaway star of the draft.

Fatima "TNT" Maddox - Previously playing for Temple University, Maddox is only the 9th women to ever play for the Globetrotters, and is the first women to play for the team in 19 years. 

I had heard that Fatima was at the training camp but was halfway convinced it was just a rumor. After 19 years, I kind of figured that women playing for the Trotters and Generals might have becom a thing of the past. 

I also figured Maddox would make the WNBA if she ever were to play in the states. Of course, I am not sure the Trotters don't pay better, although that's sad if it's true. 

Maddox previously played for Temple, where she led them to a Atlantic 10 Tournament Title in 2006, and also played basketball in Sweeden. 

Maddox is also very good with the 3-point shots. Given that I haven't ever really seen her dunk, I am betting she will be scoring a lot of 4-point shots for the trotters in 2012.

Patrick "Flip" Atkins - Flip may be only 5'9" but when he played for Trinity International University, he led the team in assist, steals and rebounds in his senior year. Not someone to be trifled with.

Atkins is also a former member of the Jesse White Tumbers, who are no strangers to a basketball court themselves, regularly performing during halftime at many NBA and NCAA games.

Jermaine "Stretch" Middleton - I really don't know much about Middleton. He is being billed as the third tallest player in Globetrotter history at 7'4" putting him behind Sturgess and Globetrotter Dut Mayar.

The Generals might want to bring two ladders!

Quade "Quake" Milum - A former player for the University of Akron, Milum is also a former high school High Jump Champion. He competed in High Jump at Akron as well as basketball.

In Akron he ranks eigth in blocked shots for a career, and tied for 9th in blocked shots for a season. Looks like once more the Generals will have to pick their shots carefully as they won't be allowed many mistakes.

Anthony "Biggie" McClain - McClain is a former teammate of Wilks at University of Cincinnati. During his time there, McClain led the Bearcats in field goal percentages this last season. 

I'm kind of surprised by this one. I haven't seen McClain play much, but he doesn't strike me as the kind of player the Trotters would normally recruit. 

He is tall at 7 feet, but he never really did a lot of dunks or anything "fancy" that I know of. I'm curious to see how they use him. 

So there you have it, the latest batch of rookies for the Globetrotters. It is definitley an eclectic group, who along with the returning Trotters is likely to give the Generals plenty of grief. 

Is does seem unlikely that this will be the year the boys in Green and Gold finally score an elusive win, although I live in hope. But I have no doubt that the Generals will do what they truly do best, help elevate Hall and the rest of the rookies game to the next level. Which is where they truly shine. 

Lets just hope that Hall doesn't share too many of the Washington Generals insider secrets in the locker room talk. Seriously, don't they already have enough to overcome?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Randomness Week 21

Washington Generals 1986
The blog "Fun While It Lasted", which tells the stories of forgotten minor league and lesser known sports teams, recently wrote an article on the Maine Windjammers of the CBA/ The Windjammers players included current Washington Generals coach Sam Worthen. To read it CLICK HERE!

The Globetrotters began their training camp today, which will run through October 18th. They haven't announced their rookie class yet, so I don't know if any of the 5 players mentioned in the draft made it. Although Jacob Tucker seemed to be the only one who openly showed interest. So I am guessing if any of the drafted players end up on the team it will be him.

The Globetrotters also announced that they hired former Globetrotter Jimmy Blacklock as their newest coach. I noticed before doing this former General Donald Sinclair was taken off of their site. So it is possible he is replacing Sinclair, although I don't know that for certain. To read their press release on the story CLICK HERE!

This is about Globetrotter Ant Atkinson, but I found an interview with him that talks about his 2007 NCAA Division II championship game. He may play for the "rival team" but that game against Winona, is still one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in basketball. How many times can someone come back from being behind by 10 points with 40 seconds left, and turn it around and win? To read the story CLICK HERE! posted an article looking back at old Bars on the Jersey Shore, and gave a brief mention of a bar formerly owned by Red Klotz. This is the first I have heard of it, but it could be beacause it was before my time. And I am not from New Jersey. So I am taking them at their word. You can read the article by CLICKING HERE!

Last Friday, the Miami Heat Basketball Blog posted a video of the Generals playing the Trotters in their arena. The clip was from a game last year, so not sure why they posted it now. Maybe they are listening to Barkley and actually think they could learn something watching the Generals. To read it CLICK HERE!

Finally, for anyone who hasn't noticed, the Harlem Globetrotters Homepage has gotten a makeover. Possibly in preparation for the new season starting soon.