Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Generals Begin Their 10th Millitary Tour

U.S. Air Force Photo by Tech Sgt. Marie Brown.
The Washington Generals have begun their 10th annual millitary tour this last Tuesday the 29th. Although they will be playing it in their Global Select persona. Which it looks at least for the time being, is not going anywhere.

The tour will feature the Select and the Globetrotters taking each other on in bases in Guam and Japan. Wrapping up December 11th where both teams will then get ready to begin their North America tour which will begin December 16th.

These aren't their most lucritive tours of course. But the Generals have been helping the Globetrotters bring a slice of home to our men and women overseas. Especially brave to be out defending our country in these times. And I commend both teams for their part in giving back to the people we American's owe so much to.

Clips from the game in Misawa, Japan.


Globetrotters Embark on 10th Military Tour

Globetrotters Amaze Misawa Community

Note: Other than the tour there was no real news for the Generals this week. So I will not be doing a Randomness Post. But will continue them next week.

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