Sunday, December 11, 2011

Randomness - 29th Edition

With the Washington Generals 2012 World Tour just over the horizon there wasn't much to report in the randomness post. But here are a couple tidbits.

I came across a new article from the Quatar. I am including it mostly beacause it is a new article but very puzzling. They mention the New York Nationals as if they are still the opponents to the Globetrotters. Even though as most of you know they haven't been using that name for some time. They also mention Donald Johnson who is not the current head coach of the team by any name. And to make it wierder they use a photo of the "Global Select". I know the Generals do not visit Doha often, but they recently were there and Reggie Harrison was the coach, and of course they played as the Global Select. So the whole thing was just... wierd. Although I guess any press for Klotz team is good press. To read it CLICK HERE!

Since Dan Gilbert's recent Washington Generals crack got so much press. I wanted to share one of the most hilarious Washington Generals comparisons I have heard in a long time. Twitter user polkpanther recently posted.
The no-name bidders on Storage Wars are the Washington Generals of reality TV.
I am late sharing this news, mostly beacause I genuinley feel uncomfortable reporting on something so horrific on this blog. Especially given that is seems like it might have unearthed things about Bashline's personal life that weren't known to everyone who knew him. But a suspect was named and arrested a while back on Globetrotter trainer Thomas Bashlines murder. To read it CLICK HERE!
In closing here is a video a video from a game in the Arco Arena back in 2009 featuring the infamous plexi glass cover over the Trotters hoop.

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