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Dan Gilbert Offered A Job With The Washington Generals

Photo by Deb Nystron. Used under Creative Commons.
Dan Gilbert, the owner of the Cleveland Cavilers, has gotten the Washington Generals some good free publicity recently. Even more than Barkey's crack about them being able to beat the Miami Heat.

ESPN recently published that in response to the Chris Paul-to-Lakers trade, Gilbert wrote that the NBA should just change the names of 25 of the 30 NBA teams to the "Washington Generals".

It's always funny to me when comments like this catch on, beacause it isn't like people haven't been comparing a bad team, in any sport, to the Washington Generals for decades now. For as long as I can remember people have been spouting off stuff like this. But for some reason, every once in a while, someone makes a comment like this and it stands out from the rests.

Red Klotz is never one to turn down a chance to get the name of his team out there. He recently sent a letter to Gilbert offering him a job with his legendary team of "losers".

It stated...
Dear Mr. Gilbert,
...We would like to offer you the chance to play in, or coach our games against the Harlem Globetrotters at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 27 at Quicken Loans Arena. We have already created a personalized jersey, just for you, should you agree to join us.
To show you that we are serious, we'll offer a 25 percent discount on tickets to Cleveland-area fans to watch you and the Generals in action.
We know with your help, we have the chance to end our 40-year losing streak against the world-famous trick-shooters.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Red Klotz
I have no doubt this is a sincere offer. The Generals, and by proxy the Globetrotters, would only benefit from Gilbert taking Klotz up on this offer. It would give the Generals/Globetrotter game, only weeks into their 2012 North American tour, some big press and no doubt increase ticket sales.

Now clearly it would still be a Globetrotters vs Generals game. So his playing for the team would surely be the same ream as any other "Guest Generals". Just with a real jersey and not a souvenir "00".

Likewise, his coaching the team would probably not play out any different than other guest coaches of the past. Or yield any different results. As much as us Generals fans would love it if it did.

But I think Gilbert should consider taking them up on their offer.

His comment was unnecessary and out of line, which is nothing new. Whining is his specialty these days.

So taking the Generals up on this offer would be a very good move at damage control. It would show his willingness to laugh at himself and be a good sport. A trait he has sincerely been lacking. It would also send some positive press his way, which he and his team could definitely use.

Gilbert has so far not commented on this "job offer". Similar offers like this have been sent over the years, and usually the people involved aren't good enough sports to take them up on it. But I think it would be a good move for Gilbert. Whether or not he will see it the same way remains to be seen.


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