Thursday, June 9, 2011

Red Klotz Responds To Barkley's Running Of His Mouth.

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As some of you may remember last Wednesday on ESPN Radio Charles Barkley, ever the diplomatic speaker, made a comment about how, "If the Miami Heat were playing the Washington Generals, I would pick the Washington Generals."

I didn't mention it then because if I quoted everyone who made a crack comparing the team they want to pick on as being as bad/worse than the Generals I would get carpal tunnel syndrome. It's not that the comments offend me or anything, despite my great respect for the team and players their legacy is being a losing team and they wear it with pride. It is just that I have been hearing that crack since before I hit puberty, and I am sure it was an old joke back then. That Barkley, so original.

However, Red Klotz did respond to Barkley's comment. You can read about it HERE! 

It seems even Red Klotz doesn't think Barkley should be on the Generals, having good things to say about the Heat. Proving once more he is ever the class act, unlike some people.

On the up side I think 50 million people quoted Barkley, so kudos to him for getting the Generals so much press.

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