Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Randomness Week 5

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Ebay has an auction going on, scheduled to end tomorrow, for a vintage 1970 Harlem Globetrotters book. Those of you on Ebay can check it out by CLICKING HERE!

ESPN3D will apparently be re-airing the Generals game from Orlando on June 15. This is the same game from Orlando ESPN2 has been playing, but in 3D. This game was actually used to test out filming basketball in 3D in preperation for broadcasting NBA games. Anyone with ESPN3D who hasn't seen it might want to consider checking it out.

All Riled Up posted a story about the 5 worst professional teams and as I am sure you can guess where I am going. The Washington Generals made #1. Although they did acknowledge that the Generals agenda was different than most teams. They also got their facts wrong as they mentioned them picking up a win in 1962, but described the 1971 game. More sports reporters need to read my blog and this wouldn't happen ;). To read the full article CLICK HERE!

I fond an article talking about how last season The Washington Generals/Globetrotter games drew the highest crowds ever. CLICK HERE!

Someone likes Lebron about as much as I like Barkley (although unlike this poster about Lebron I don't take the fact Barkley was a great player away from him). Check out this bulletin board post "Are The Generals Next?"

Finally, the Harlem Globetrotters YouTube channel was nominated for the June edition of YouTube's "On the Rise" CLICK HERE TO VOTE!

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