Thursday, June 23, 2011

Randomness Week 6

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For those of you on Facebook, the Nancy Lieberman Fan Page posted pictures from the 2011 basketball camp. CLICK HERE TO CHECK THEM OUT ON FACEBOOK!

Former Washington General Mike Atkinson posted a new blog entry a couple days ago about the Basketball Maui’s “Night of Shooting Stars” charity basketball game. CLICK HERE TO READ IT!

The World Tour begins once more, and I am glad because it is hard to find things to write about when the Generals are sitting at home. Although if anyone earned that break it's the Washington Generals.

Their tour starts on July 2nd although the real action kicks off the following week with the two squads touring in China and Argentina. Just like before I will one more be posting the upcoming tour schedule on the blog every Friday for the following week. The "Top Players" post will be moved back to Saturday with the "Best of the Guest Generals" once more on Sunday.

Red Klotz has always said that when the Globetrotters do the famous weave the players were told if the Trotters fall out of formation, take the ball from them. I will admit I was skeptical myself... until I saw footage from the 2009 game in Singapore that was just posted on YouTube. Watch as the Globetrotters loose the ball during a weave and the Generals take it and run it down the court making  a slam dunk. The Globetrotter fans did not like it, but for the Generals  you know that had to feel real good! CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!

I found an old article interviewing Red Klotz I haven't seen before. It doesn't offer anything new, but I always enjoy it when reporters give Klotz the respect he deserves. CLICK HERE!

There is one other bit of news featuring former General, Nancy Lieberman. Check out her video about her raising money for "Dream Courts".

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