Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lets Not Forget The Washington Generals Contributions To Support The Troops

Photo courtest of the U.S. Air Force.
In a recent interview with CNN the Harlem Globetrotters saluted our troops, as well as got accolades for all the great things they have done for the troops. Most notably, the 25 military bases they have visited in the last seven years.

I take nothing away from what the Globetrotters have done for our boys and girls in uniform. I can think of nothing more honorable for entertainers, be them athletes, singers, actors or any other than to perform for our boys overseas. Especially in the rough times our country has faced in recent years.

But like with most of the Globetrotters accomplishments since 1953, the Trotters never could have done it without their long time opponents and partners the Washington Generals. It was with their help that the Globetrotters were able to give our soldiers and families the escape they most definitely needed.

Since starting this blog I have read a LOT of interviews with Washington Generals players, both past and present. And when asked the common question about their best memory with the team, the most common answer is performing for our troops.

During their time on the road the Washington Generals will perform in the greatest NBA courts in the country, and some of the richest and most luxurious vacation destinations. Considering the less than desirable places they have gone to put on the show for our boys and girls in uniform, such as the Persian Gulf and Iraq all during war time, it says a lot for how much these stops mean to the Generals that so many of them hold those stops closest to their heart.

So as we near celebrating our Independence I just wanted to give credit to the Washington Generals for their role in helping and supporting the men and women who help us keep the freedom we enjoy so much.


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