Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Randomness Week 4

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There was little Washington General or Harlem Globetrotter news at the moment, as neither team is touring right now. But here is what little I found that was worth mentioning.

Non-General related but if anyone hasn't seen it yet, Dizzy has 5 more impressions on the Globetrotters YouTube channel. They are of Chuck Hayes, Shawn Marion, Dennis Rodman, Bill Cartwright, and Kevin Garnett. CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM!

For anyone who hasn't noticed in this blogs "Guest Generals" tab I added link to the "Best of the Guest Generals" entries. I will still be posting them as blog post, but figured I would link to them there to make the past entries easier for new readers to find. I will be adding a tab to index my "Washington Generals Best Players" post soon as well, I just felt it wasn't worth adding until I had a few more entries. I plan to continue posting new entries to both post of series on a weekly basis for the foreseeable future.

On YouTube I found a trailer for the book "Edge of Legends" which tells the story of Harlem Globetrotter Anthony "Ant" Atkinson's journey to and victory at the Division II championships. You can see the Youtube video HERE, and order the book from Amazon HERE.

Elite Pro Performance basketball training, which is run by former New York National Michael Atkinson, has posted their summer events schedule. CLICK HERE TO VIEW!

I have gotten a couple e-mails asking if I know how to join the Washington Generals. I am not affiliated with them as this is a fan page but they have a link on their official site with information. So if anyone ended up on the blog first trying to find out, you can CLICK HERE.

The Sun National Bank Center received "Money Ball" recently for setting turnstyle record for their attendance in March for their hosting the Generals and Globetrotters for the "4 Times The Fun" Tour. CLICK HERE TO READ!

A recent web listing of the "Best basketball movies for kids" gave the Harlem Globetrotters 1951 movie honorable mention. It was the only movie out before 1985 on the list anywhere which says something about it's timelessness. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE LIST!

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