Sunday, June 26, 2011

Best of the Guest Generals: Zach Kerker

Zach Kerker from Springlfiel, Il has worn many hats as a broadcast sports journalist. The Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville graduate currently is the host of the radio show "Behind the Headlines" on Sports Radio 1450.

But last year on January 10th of 2010, when Zach was still a sports reporter for WCIS-TV, he was tapped to become the latest broadcaster to play as a Guest General at a game in Springfield.

I looked and was not able to find any account of the game itself. I would guess that like most of the Guest Generals, it was not a spectacular display of basketball prowess. I would also assume he took more than a little ribbing from Special K that night. Call it a hunch.

The reason he is getting mention here is that while most broadcasters mention their playing on the air before or after the game, sometimes both, WCIS got more creative. They took Zach's Guest General status and filmed a clever, and in my opinion funny, commercial to hype the game.

I don't know how well it was received in Springfield, but there are more than a few local personalities out here in Oklahoma City I would love to see beaned in the head with a basketball.

Zach showed a willingness to laugh at himself, and be the butt of a joke to help sell the Globetrotters. Proving that he has the heart of a General, and thus was a good pick to help represent them for the night.

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