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Washington Generals Top Players: Shawn Faust

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While most Washington Generals are only with the team 1-3 seasons, Shawn Faust has been with the Generals for 8 years.

His "Shaggy like" appearance, a running gag with the Harlem Globetrotters, combined with his long stint on the team made him one of the rare Washington Generals to become recognisable by Globetrotter fans. Even if they didn't know who he was by name.

But who is Shawn Faust?

An all conference player for the University of West Florida, after Shawn's graduation in 2003 he was invited to a pro combine in Altamonte Springs. It changed his life forever.

He was recruitted by the then New York Nationals (the team name the Washington Generals were going by at the time). Shawn started his fiurst tour with the Nationals in 2003 and in that first season alone traveled to over 30 countries.

As someone who wanted to see the world Shawn took to the lifestyle and stayed with the team for 6 seasons and a reported 77 countries. He has since become a physical education teacher at Discovery Academy of Lake Alfred helping influence young people on a whole new level from his days as the Trotters dance partner.

Although no longer with the Generals full time, Shawn still plays with them on a part time basis. He was even part of the 2010 game in Orlando, marking the grand opening of the Wide World Of Sports park and the Washington Generals and Harlem Globetrotters return to television.

Shawn has told interviewers that his most memorable experience was playing for the troops in Iraq, where he even stayed in one of Saddam's old palaces.

Shawn was also part of some more notable moments in recent Generals history on several occasions. He played in the game where owner Red Klot'z jersey was retired. He was part of the New York Nationals team that played with Dennis Rodman, under the name "Dennis Rodman's Bad Boy All Stars". And he was also with the team when they ended their 12 year run as the New York Nationals and once more became the Washington Generals.

Shawn has said he still holds out hope that he can be part of the Washington Generals next big win. But even if that day never comes, to Shawn's students and to the many Washington Generals and Harlem Globetrotter's he has toured with, Shawn is most definitley seen as a winner.



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