Saturday, June 11, 2011

Best Of The Guest Generals: Josh Lewis

On January 16, 2010 the Washington Generals rolled into Charleston, WV to take on the Globetrotters.

When the call came for a guest General sports anchor Josh Lewis with WCHS-TV8 and WVAH Fox 11 in Charleston, WV answered the call.

Josh did his best to help the Generals add a rare addition to the "W" column, but I think we all can guess it didn't happen.

I made Josh to this weeks "Best of the Guest Generals" for two reasons. Neither of which were because he proved to be an especially good player for them. But if you will remember on my initial Guest Generals post, I said that for a Guest General to make it on this blog, they don't necessarily need to have played one of the best games. They can only score so many points in the limited shots the Globetrotters allow them anyway.

To make it as one of this blogs best of the Guest Generals they simply have to stand out among the revolving door of Guest Generals, and Josh Lewis has done this.

One is his video which is seen below. Given that Guest Generals are usually members of the local media a vast number of them have a video out there of them playing. But while most of them are just raw footage shot from the stands, often times with bad sound and picture, I think Josh has the best Guest General video I have seen. And I have seen a LOT.

It is well edited, well shot, has cool music, some nice montages of great Trotter dunks, and even a nice shot of the Generals showing their skills on the court.

The other one is his crash into the bench when trying to keep the ball from going out of bounds. It is definitley one of the more memorable moments of any guest general. Although credit where credit is due, he kept the ball in bounds, even if he did almost send himself to the hospital in the process. The incident in question is in the video below.

Unfortunitley despite his basket scored, his determination, and his best efforts to keep the ball on the court, the Generals could not pull off a win that night. But after watching the video no one can say it wasn't because of Lewis didn't give his best effort.

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