Sunday, May 22, 2011

Best of the Guest Generals: Michaela Johnson

As you may know, and anyone who visits my Guest Generals page can tell you, there have been a LOT of guest Washington Generals since they started doing it a few years back. Especially since that page is no where near complete yet.

As such, and especially since most of them have been local tv and radio personalities, there have been a lot of stories and videos out about the many Guest Generals. So I decided instead of flooding the blog with them, especially since a lot of them are not that interesting and they can start to look aike, I would do a regular post focusing on some of the more memorable moments with the Guest Generals.

They are either Guest Generals who did something more memorable than their counterparts, were higher profile celebrities than the usual Guest General, or simply had an article and/or video that made it interesting to watch or read about them.

For the first installment I am going to mention one of the more recent of the Guest Generals, Michaela Johnson, Co-host of The Rhodes Show with Fox Providence in Provedince, RI.

A former captain of her college Basketball team Michaela was no stranger to a basketball court. But surely no amount of high school or college ball could prepare someone for playing against the Harlem Globetrotters. Both in skill, and in the fact that being a guest general means a couple minutes of teasing and taunting from the Harlem Globetrotters, the likes of which puts the usual amount of trash talking to shame.

Still, perhaps Big Easy should have done some research on his newest opponent, before he challenged her to make the 4-point shot under the stipulation "If you make it, the first dates on me. If you miss it it's on you." He was likley expecting an air ball or something equally ripe for mocking. Or else he was simply wanting a first date, Michaela was definitley a pretty girl.

But a stunned crowd watched as Michaela scored one for girl power when she hefted the ball and watched as it beautifully went through the hoop with nothing but net, scoring 4 points for the Generals and leaving everyone in shock. Perhaps none more so then the Globetrotters, who stood there in dumbfounded silence as Michaela's team mates went over to give her high fives, and as we all know it takes a lot to leave Big Easy silent.

Michaela was the first Guest General to make a 4-point shot. Unfortunately, the momentum from that shot wasn't enough to give the Washington Generals their long sought after win that night. Maybe they should have kept Michaela in and seen if she had more 4-pointers in her. But I tend to think that the 4-point shots the trotters scored the rest of the game just maybe looked a little bit less impressive after that.

Michaela said Big Easy did not give her that dinner he promised after she made the shot. Personally, I think she more than earned it.


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