Monday, May 23, 2011

Generals on Ice

Copyright © by Benjamin Hoffman. Used with Permission.
Last February the Generals played the Harlem Globetrotters in an arena that neither had ever played before, an Ice Rink. In front of 500 local school Chirlden in Central part both teams broke new ground as they played in an ice skating rink in the park. Generals owner Red Klotz had stated in interviews before the game that the Generals did well on ice and that he felt this was the advantage the team needed to break their loosing streak.

It was not the highest scoring of games due in most part to the obstacles of playing on the ice, a new experience to everyone. Although it should be noted that neither team experienced a fall, the only falls being from Globie and Big G, although as we all know Big G may get knocked down, but he gets back up again, because they ain't never gonna bring him down!

Unfortunately, despite the advantage the Generals had hoped the ice rink would give them, the Globetrotters managed to pull of a 32-15 victory. More importantly though, the 500 kids in attendance had a good time watching the Generals play the Trotters which is the most important thing in any game between the two teams.

I have full faith that with their "ice legs" firmly established the Generals will not be so easy to beat next time should this unique "basketball on ice" event become an annual outing.

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