Monday, May 2, 2011

Where The Generals Will Play The Week of 5/01/11 - 5/07/11

Welcome to the first of my post that will give a rundown of where the Washington Generals will be playing the Globetrotters for the week.

Ordinarily I will cover the full week, but since I started this blog today I will just be featuring the games left for this week. 

In the future I will post the schedule for the upcoming week (Sunday-Saturday) the preceding Saturday night.

5/03/11 - At the Topsportcentrum in Rotterdam, Netherlands at 7:40AM - BUY TICKET
5/04/11 - At the County Hall in Liege, Belgium at 8:30PM - BUY TICKETS 
5/05/11 - At the Evenementenhal Schiervelde in Roesalere, Belgium at 8:30 PM - BUY TICKETS

If you are in the area, which is cool if you are and reading my blog. Come to the game and show the Generals your support!

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