Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Just some quick things to share with my fellow Generals Fans today.

First off, "Big Easy" and "Flight Time" did an interview with where they talked about their stint on Amazing Race. And about dealing with something they don't do much during their Globetrotter career. Lose. But they are taking it gracefully, good to see they learned something from the Generals about being good sports.

For anyone who hasn't seen it, in 2009 Lac Vegas Weekly did a completely unbiased account of the Washington Generals/Harlem Globetrotters rivalry. Although it is possible being in Vegas he is just sore that he couldn't bet on the seemingly sure thing.

For those of you on e-bay who want your own piece of Washington General memorabilia there is a cool item up for sale at THIS LINK. An old Washington Generals press photo featuring the great one himself, Red Klotz. Along with players Nick Yankowi, Bill Campion, Gerald Hooks, Lee Osborne, Frank Beretta, Clif Peyton, Steve Schmidt, Tom Mackay. It is going for 13.88 and anyone interested might want to consider getting it before I stop being broke and buy it for myself.

Well that is all for todays post. Tomorrow will be list of General games for the upcoming week as they continue their tour with the Globetrotters overseas. And this weekend I will take a look at the many different aliases that the Generals have gone by over the years. Think their stint as the New York Nationals was their only time they changed their name? You might be surprised at how many different aliases the Generals have had.

I hope everyone has a good day and on a final note...

Photo by Francesca D'Allura used with permission.

Couldn't resist. 

Photo by Francesca D'Allura used with permission.

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