Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Randomness Week 3

LOOK OUT REGGIE! - Original Photo Copyright © by Holly Halmo.
Used and altered with permission. 
It's that time again. Here are some random Washington General related bits and pieces.

A blog called Deliberate Disney posted their review of the Washington Generals recent game on ESPN2.

Humor Column Breaking Brad got a rib in at the Generals expense. It's near the bottom.

This is from a few months back but I thought I would share a good article I found on Washington General Chris Poore.

I was not sure where to be offended first (or whether or not to laugh) when Miami Herald columnist Greg Coat took a shot at my home town's team The Oklahoma City Thunder stating, "Basketball hasn’t seen defense like the Mavs and Thunder play since the Harlem Globetrotters faced Red Klotz’s Washington Generals." You can read the full article here.

I came across an interesting article about a player in the 70+ category of the Masters Basketball Association's National Senior Championships by the name of Richard Moore who among other accomplishments was a Guest General.

Finally check out this cool video from the Tampa game last March which featured the Globetrotters shotting for a 4-point shot at the 3 minute mark and missing the shot... the Generals rebounded, went  for their own 4-point shot... NOTHING BUT NET!


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