Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Thoughts On The Celebrity Apprentice Season Finale

This will be quick. I was planning on doing a full on episode review of The Celebrity Apprentice finale.

However, as I never watched The Apprentice, celebrity or otherwise, I really wasn't clear on the rules or how they were playing. Like for example why if these people were fired they were still on the two teams. I also can't really give an opinion on who won as I hadn't seen everything leading up to that so I am not even sure  how a winner was determined to begin with. For all I could tell Trump flipped a coin.

That being said any show that has the Washington Generals and the Globetrotters on it can't be that bad. And looks like the Washington Generals can add "in a small gymnasium in front of Marlie Matlin, Donald Trump, Meatloaf, and Richard Hatch between trips to the pokey" as unique events they have played against the Globetrotters in.

I did wonder if some people who became fans of the Trotters through Amazing Race weren't disappointed that the Globetrotters team that appeared on the show wasn't the team that Fligh Time and Big Easy were on. (for those who don't know there are two different traveling teams of Globetrotters and Generals. This was the team that appeared on the ESPN2 game, which is not the same team that Flight Time and Big Easy are on) But their appearance was so small I don't know if anyone really noticed. Still, the show made good use of the Globetrotters for what little time they were on and it always makes me smile to see footage from a Generals/Globetrotter game on tv.

Also on a final note "Pour Some Sugar On Me" is my favorite song ever. So seeing Deaf Leppard on the show singing it also made my day.

All in all, considering I only never saw The Apprentice I was able to enjoy it even if I could have cared less who won and only half knew what was going on. Although that isn't a slight on the episode, it wasn't made for people for someone who hadn't been watching all season. For what it was I enjoyed it.

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