Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Randomness Week 20

Nothing is really going on in Washington General land right now, or really in Harlem Globetrotters land. As both teams gear up for a tour of France later in October. So with that, I am going to share with you some random videos of the Generals and Trotters. Hope you all enjoy.

First off, here is a promotional video from the Globetrotters in 2008. This is back when the Generals were playing their final year as the New York Nationals, and Paul "Showtime" Gaffney was still among the Washington Generals top adversaries. Good times!

Here is another video from 2008, featuring the Generals and Trotters playing at Anaheim. It also had interviews with Scooter and Handles. It was right after "Curly" Neal's jersey was retired, (although shame no one told the reporter that was a the other touring team, since she kept asking players if they were there for it. When the reality is none of them were.) It features some nice game play near the end, as well as Shawn Faust in one of his MANY pantsings.

And finally, here is a clip if the Washington Generals and Globetrotters entrances from a game overseas, during the "Magic as Ever" tour.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Washington Generals Top Players: Donald "Clyde" Sinclair

Copyright © by Mike/Mrghx4. All rights
reserved. Used with permission.
Several Washington Generals went on to become members of the Harlem Globetrotters. But Donald Sinclair is easily the most successful to ever make the jump.

A lifelong resident of Clayton, North Caolina, Sinclair originally played basketball for the Clayton High School Commets. During his time attending Clayton, he played both basketball and football. In 1976, Sinclair was part of the team that became state champions.

After graduating in 1977, Donald played at Kings Community College, before transferring his junior year and playing for N.C. Central University. While at N.C. Central, Sinclair averaged 17.1 points per game and 7.2 rebounds. He also set the school record for assist during his time, and was twice voted the defensive player of the year. He was also awarded all-region and all-CIAA honors.

After graduating in 1982, his impressive college career got him drafted by the Washington Bullets. Unfortunately, he did not make the final cut. Although in hindsight had he made it, he might have never had nearly as long of a career in professional basketball as he ended up having.

After playing abroad Clyde was eventually signed by another Washington team, this time the Washington Generals. It changed his life forever, although probably not in the way he had thought it would.

Sinclair played for the Washington Generals during the 1987-88 season, arguably one of the best and most famous Generals teams ever, playing alongside such players as Nancy Lieberman. He was part of the Generals when they played the Globetrotters in West Berlin, a game that aired on "ABC's Wide World Of Sports".

Clyde "The Glide" Sinclair
After the 1988 season Sinclair became one of the relatively small number of Washington Generals to make the jump to the Harlem Globetrotters. Taking on the nickname "The Glide" he went on to play for the Harlem Globetrotters for an impressive 17 years, playing against the Washington Generals he once was a member of, as well as their later going against their r alter-ego the New York Nationals.

During his time as a player for the Globetrotters Sinclair played with the Globetrotters for the first time in a free democratic South Africa. He played against Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Legendary All-Stars in 1995. He was named "Mr. Globetrotter" by the team in 1998, an award given to the player who most represents the spirit of a Harlem Globetrotter. Clyde was on hand for the trotters 20,000th game in 1998, played in Remington, IN. He was also part of the team that represented the Globetrotters when they were inducted into the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame in 2002.

Sinclair was also recently inducted into the Johnston County Atletic Hall of Fame in 2011, for his time at Clayton.

In 2005, Sinclair hung up his Globetrotter uniform and took on a new role for the Globetrotters. That of Coach. It's a position he has served for the last 7 years.

Sinclair took an opportunity to play for the Washington Generals, and turned it into a 23+ year career with the most famous basketball team in the world. Not bad for a guy who started out making a living losing to that same team.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Taverius Wilkins In Action

It's that time again, as I bring you some footage I found of the big man, Taverius Wilkins in basketball action.

Wilkins is a former player for the Wilberforce Bulldogs, of Wilberforce University. Wilberforce is a liberal arts historically black university in Wilberforce, OH.

Graduating in 2010, Taverius has been a regular at the Hoops Kentucky Pro-Am Tournament, as well as playing briefly in Spain as well. In addition to that he has of course played for the Generals this season as a Center. Often guarding Big Easy or Airport, among others.

Here is some footage of Taverius during his time at Wilberforce.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Randomness Week 19

Copyright © by Hiren Jakison. Used under creative commons.
Very little going on in Washington General land this week. As I only have one tidbit. Still, here is what's worth mentioning.

The Harlem Globetrotters have hired Michelle Henning as the teams new vice president of partnership marketing and sales. Henning is a 10 year veteran of sponsorship sales. For the official press release CLICK HERE!

Since it is a slow day, I thought I would point to the Washington Generals Flickr account, which has photos from the "Legend" Awards back in 2007. If you haven't seen them yet, CLICK HERE!

Sorry for such a short Randomness post. There just isn't much going on in Generals land with no tour and even the Globetrotters currently cooling it on appearances. Hopefully I will have more for you guys next week.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Some Highlights From a Generals vs Globetrotters Game

Usually I don't devote whole post to highlights someone filmed from the stands and post on YouTube. Well... not anymore. I blame some of the early ones like that on my "finding my groove".

Regardless, I came across this video and had to make an exception. It's from the game earlier this year in Philadelphia.

It starts out with my favorite part, showing the Trotters but also the Generals making several nice shots. As well as some rare quality defense from our boys in Green and Gold. The announcer even said the words "Great defense from the Generals!" how often do you hear THAT sentence. (I tease the Generals out of love. We all know the reason their defense is often lacking.)

I am kind of surprised the Generals were guarding them so well actually. Maybe someone ticked them off before the game.

It also had the Generals with a 9 point lead at the beginning. I love when that happens, even though I know it will never last. It's all about the small victories when you are a Washington Generals fan.

It also includes some nice up close video of the bucket of confetti ream, the purse ream (which varied slightly from their usual spiel, which was nice), and the Globetrotter Football ream.

The guy that filmed this had a good seat and a good camera. The shots are clear and up close and you can hear what Big Easy and the rest of the Globetrotters are saying perfectly. Definitley a fun video, and one Generals and Trotter fans should enjoy.

And does anyone know what the name of the kid the guy had with him is. I just can't for the life of me figure it out.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Best of the Guest Generals: Ashley Johncola

Ashley Johncola has worn many hats in her very short journalism career. Born in a suburb of Philadelphia, Johncola attended NYU. While there she majored in Broadcast Journalism and Politics. Ashley even briefley served as an intern for MTV during her time at NYU.

Upon graduating, Ashley joined Fox Toledo in Toledo, OH. She was originally hired on as the "Face of FOX Toledo" and did a wide variety of public appearances, commercials, and publicity for the station.

They ranged from doing commercials for shows currently airing on FOX Toledo, spots for local events, as well as things like playing as a Guest General. I would consider her most impressive feat, But I doubt that comes as a surprise to anyone.

The game was on December 29th at the Lucas County Arena. I wasn't able to find video of the game itself, but Ashley did an excellent and very funny commercial for her appearance. One that showed she was more than willing to have fun at her own expense.

It was good she had that attitude. At the game. when she finally went in, Ashley took a long time to make a shot. The Globetrotters eventually had to sit down on the court and wait. But as Johncola pointed out in a blog talking about the game, it only meant she got to be on the court longer. A perfect example of the Washington Generals showing there is more than one way to "win", if ever there was one.

In fact, Ashley showed good sportsmanship throughout the game. She was seen smiling the whole time, despite being the butt of the Trotters jokes. Not to mention she of course played on the losing team. Clearly this exemplified the winning attitude that made Fox Toledo want to show her as the face of their station in the first place.

Since the game, Ashley has risen in the ranks of Toledo's local news. She was the anchor for Fox Toledo's morning show for a year and a half. And she has since become a general reporter, covering much more serious topics then her time doing fun promos for them. It's a true testament to her talents that Johncola can now be seen as a serious reporter be local viewers despite her more "fluff piece" beginnings.

Ashley Johncola is someone who showed she can have fun and be a good sport. Even when losing and being the butt of jokes. And with Fox Toledo, she showed she could do a job that  meant entertaining and showing her less serious side, and use it to lead to bigger and better things.

That most definitley sounds like a woman worthy of being a Washington General.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

No "Top Player" Entry This Week

Photo by Penn State Live.
Used under creative commons.
I just wanted to take a quick moment to tell everyone there will not be a "Top Player" entry this week.

Things got busy this week, as I have noted this blog is just a hobby so sometimes life gets in the way, and I wasn't able to write the Top Player entry. I pretty much had the option of throwing out something half hazard at the last minute, or falling even further behind.

The thing is, that when I do a Top Player entry I don't just have this info on these guys off the top of my head. I have to research about them and then compile it into a post. I will leave it up to you guys if I do it successfully, but I definitley try my best.

Trying to cram all of that into a couple of hours to meet the deadline, would have likely made the post look as rushed as it was.

The main reason I write the "Top Player" post, is to give the men (and woman) who took on the vital, but mostly thankless job of playing for the Generals, the respect I feel they deserve.As well as showing the great people, and talented basketball players behind the "loser" they portray.

So I decided, both in the interest of giving out the best post I can and out of respect for the next "Top Player" entry, I would take this week off from them. I apologize to anyone this news disappoints.

I wish I could simply do this blog full time and things like this would never happen. It would certainly beat my real job. Unfortunately, I have to work at a meat packing plant to pay the bills instead.

I will have a "Best of the Guest Generals" post up tomorrow and will be back on track. I hope everyone else has a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Randomness Week 18

Copyright © by Shawn Kimball.
Used under creative commons.
Bleacher Report put up a list of the 30 most one-sided rivalries in sports. It isn't a huge surprise that the Washington Generals rivalry with the Harlem Globetrotters made the list. What is surprising was that it was only #4. for anyone curious the breakdown for the top 5 is below. To see the whole list CLICK HERE!

  5. Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State (football)
  4. Harlem Globetrotters vs. Washington Generals (basketball)
  3. Canadiens vs Bruins (Hockey)
  2. Red Sox vs Yankees (Baseball)
  1. Notre Dame vs Navy (Football)

Everyone be on the lookout at their favorite basketball venues. Tickets for the 2012 tour of the Washington Generals and Harlem Globetrotters have begun going on sale. I can't find a resource posting the schedule yet, but several venues have been selling tickets for upcoming games in late December or later. So everyone keep their eyes open.

The Harlem Globetrotters website has posted an article on the Globetrotters recent appearance on Man vs Food. CLICK HERE!

Finally someone on e-bay CLAIMS to be selling an authentic Washington Generals Jersey and Shorts from the 70's. He doesn't mention a players name to it, although it is #3. I don't want to be a naysayer, beacause it could be legit. But it looks more like their uniforms from the late 80's early 90's. If I remember back in the 70's their uniforms were more or less solid yellow. Granted, most people don't know the Washington Generals like they know the NBA. So it could be a genuine uniform. It is hard to believe someone would create a fake Washington Generals uniform during either era, but stranger things have happened. Although, I certainly am not sure enough to recommend anyone spend the $1,790 bucks he wants for it. Especially since I don't think it is as old as he thinks it is, even if it is real. To see it CLICK HERE!

And finally here is some game footage from a game earlier this tour. It includes some nice ball handling and scores from the Generals, especially Daniel Brady.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Demetrius Graham In Action

For todays update I am sharing a YouTube video I found of Washington General, Demetrius Graham in action during his college days at Clarion University.

Demetrius has been with the Washington Generals for the last three years. Demetrius Graham stands in at 5'5" which means he is usually dwarfed by the much taller globetrotters as well as his team mates.

As such, he is often used for the comical bits; His size making him a great foil for the likes of "Special K" and "Big Easy".

He tends to get slightly more notice than a lot of his team mates, due to being on the team so many years, his height and being a common foil on the comedy bits.

But what most fans don't realize is that Demetrius is also a REALLY good basketball player. Lets be honest, to get a gig with a professional basketball team at that height, be it the Miami Heat, Euro League, or the Washington generals, you have to be something special.

And as the footage YouTube user alwhite21 showed, Graham is most definitley that.

Demetrius is not currently listed on the roster of the Generals home page. And I know he was on there before. So that leads me to think he is no longer with the team. Although it can be hard to tell at times, as they have more than one team traveling and don't exactly list their players coming and goings in press releases.

If Demetrius is no longer with the Generals, I wish him the best of luck in whatever the future holds for him. He is truly one of a kind in a team full of players that are one of a kind.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Best Of The Guest Generals: Patrick Hammer

Patrick Hammer has been a meteorologist for 5 Eyewitness News in Minneapoplis for the last six years. Prior to that he has worked at San Francisco, Seattle, and Albuquerque.

He holds the seal of approval for Television Weathercasting from the AMS (American Meteorological Society). In 2003 he also won an Emmy award for covering the Rocky Mountain Fires and Drought conditions.

He is also a fly-fisher and snow skier. Yes, Patrick Hammer has done a lot. But one thing he can't do is play basketball. Or so the Globetrotters thought.

But in April of 2011 at the Target Center, Hammer did in fact hurt them.

When he came onto the court, first he botched up Special K's set-up for his "You're on TV? With that face?" gag, which I loved. Especially since I am sure Hammer didn't realize he did that. Only a loser would know the Guest General routine well enough to know that was coming.

Wait a minute!

Anyway, Hammer than took the ball as Special K offered him a 4-point shot with no defense.

It is something that the Globetrotters have been offering the Guest Generals all season, and likely a part of the bit that will continue. While I don't have the record of every Guest General, to my knowledge the first and only other Guest General to successfully make the shot was Michaela Johnson. Who scored it against Big Easy and the Globetrotters, which was covered in my first ever entry in the "Best of the Guest Generals".

But on this night, ironically less than a week later, the other Globetrotter team led by "Special K" was in for the same surprise! As Patrick Hammer became the second Guest General to successfully make the 4-point shot.

Special K, to his credit, recovered faster than Big Easy and his team did. With a quick "Hey man, I'm just as surprised as you are."

Earlier in the week Hammer had aired a story of him being trained for the game by Harlem Globetrotters. Can't fault the Globetrotters on their good sportsmanship, but maybe they shouldn't train the competition so much.

Although as a Washington Generals fan, maybe I should wish for them to train the competition more.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Washington Generals Top Players: Harvey Babetch

Harvey Babetch (left) with the Texas Cowboys.
For most young basketball players, being offered a spot on an NBA team is something you simply can't walk away from. But Harvey Babetch chose a different path.

Intially playing basketball in high school, Babetch played for Chicago's Von Steuben High School begining in 1951 when he was named All-City. During his time playing for Von Steuben Harvey achieved an impressive list of accomplishments.

They included the second all-time record in Illinois state for most points in a single half with 53, as well as in a quarter with 35. He also scored a single game high of 87 points. And keep in mind this is before the existence of 3-point shots.

After graduating high school, Babetch attended Bradley University in 1952. Harvey scored more than 1,500 points during his time at Bradley. In his freshman year he upset the then powerhouse St. Lois scoring a winning shot with a late basket. Allowing the team to win 61-60 on St. Lois own court.

In his Junior year at Bradley, Harvey helped the Braves reach the NCAA finals, despite being a long shot. Although they did lose the title to LaSalle 92-76.

He was also a member of the U.S. basketball team in the 1953 Maccabi Games in Tel Aviv where he won a Gold Medal.

Babetch graduated from Bradley in 1955 and was selected in the fifth round by the Milwaukee Hawks, a team that over the years hosted such Washington Generals as Sam Pellom, Charlie Criss, John O'Boyle, and Jerry Fowler. With such an offer on the table most would have expected Harvey Babetch to accept the offer with open arms. But he made a different decision.

Abe Saperstien, the then owner of the Globetrotters, approached Babetch with another offer. It ended up being one he couldn't refuse.

Saperstien offered Babetch a three year contract with the Washington Generals. While they couldn't offer the prestige or pay of the Hawks, they could offer him a chance to tour the world alongside a team that at the time was more popular than the NBA. A team that could offer him experiences and adventures he never would have dreamed of.

Harvey was sold and made a surprising decision, turning down the Hawks and joining up with the Washington Generals from 1956-1958. He was best known during his time for being a member of the Texas Cowboys, a persona created by Saperstein that toured Europe taking on the Globetrotters, and losing to them, as well as playing for the better known persona of the Washington Generals.

During his time Babetch performed in arena's all over the world. Playing games with audiences that dwarfed any crowd he would have performed for in the NBA. He also played against the Globetrotters during the year future NBA great Wilt Chamberlain was among the member of the Trotters.

Babatch has become inducted into several halls of fame since begining his career, including the Chicago Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, Bradley University, the Chicago Public League, Von Steuben, Illinois State, and the Greater Peoria Sports Hall of Fame.

After leaving the Generals Babetch worked at the families auto scrap parts business, before retiring just over 20 years ago. He currently lives in Highland Park with his wife Lynn.

Babetch made a choice few would make, and gave up a career in the NBA because he was the Washington Generals as something more than a team that never wins. He saw them as a chance to see the world and live a life he never could have had in the NBA.

For that, Harvey Babetch is most definitley a Washington General worth mention as a "Top Player".


Jewish Basketball Hall of Fame - Harvey Babetch

Babetch Is Truly A Living Legend

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Clown Prince - An Excellent Documentary On Meadowlark Lemon

Photo by Jack Duval.
Used under Creative Commons.
Greetings once more, I am afraid once again I will be late with my "Top Players" entry. I do appologise, truth is work just has had me too worn out.

It will be up tomorrow, but to semi-make it up to you guys I thought I would post an excellent documentary I found on the legendary Harlem Globetrotter, Meadowlark Lemon.

This video doesn't have much to do with the Washington Generals. Although, obviously the basketball footage of course features Meadowlark taking on the Generals. But as regulars will know as much as I am a Generals fan, I am also a Globetrotter fan. Lets face it, at the end of the day how can you appreciate one without the other.

This is a very well done and semi-objective look at a Globetrotter who became a hall of famer, household name, hero to millions of kids, and legend to the sport of basketball. Hope all of you who haven't seen this yet enjoy. And to those who have, you likely will know it is worth watching again.

The creator of the vide does now allow embedding. But to watch it CLICK HERE!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dizzy Grant's Basketball Impersonations

As some of you probably know former New York National, and currently one of the most popular Globetrotters, Dizzy Grant has developed a cult following for his impersonations of NBA starts.

For anyone who hasn't seen them, I thought I would make life easier for all of you and provide links to all of his impersonations. They are funny and quite accurate.

Dizzy Impersonates LeBron James, Shaq, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan

Dizzy Grant Impersonates 5 More Past & Present NBA Stars

and just for kicks, if you haven't read it yet, check out my Top Players entry for Dizzy Grant.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Randomness Week 17

The Texas Legends announced their 2011-12 season, and will be honoring Nancy Lieberman, their inagural season head coach and current assistant GM. Who as a a lot of you I am sure know, was also a former Washington General. To read the story CLICK HERE!

I came across a bio from Robert Morris University of Anthony Smith, during his college playing days. Anthony is one of the longer tenured Washington Generals currently on the roster. Having played with the Generals since 2007. To read the bio CLICK HERE!

An old article about Red Klotz from 1998 was posted on the Philidalphia Citypaper's archives. CLICK HERE!

I also came across an article on Washington General Levi Smith. CLICK HERE!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1955 Washington Generals - Best Generals Team Ever?

I have been asked when I think the Washington Generals have the best team. Or rather, who was the best squad of Generals ever to go into battle against the Globetrotters?

That is a hard question to answer of course. Aside from being just one man's opinion, it is hard to make a basis on. The Washington Generals play basically the same game, against the same team.

There are no stats or true win/loss records. Even the alleged 13,000+ losses they have suffered against the Globetrotters is more of an estimate. As no true record of when and where all their games happened has ever been made.

So it's all subjective judging which team of Washington Generals truly played well. At they end of the day they all lost all their games. Except for the few teams that managed to get that one glorious win.

Still, there are some teams during the Washington Generals history that do stick out over the others.

One of the first ones that springs to mind in many fans eyes is the 1987-88 team. Coached by Klotz near the tail end of his full time coaching career the Washington Generals. That year the team included Nancy Lieberman, a woman who needs no introduction and the only Washington General to make it into the basketball hall of fame, as well as future long time Harlem Globetrotter player and coach Donald "Clyde" Sinclair, it was rounded off by great players including Tim Cline, Cliff Payton and Barry Leskun.

The other one that you can't help but think of is the infamous 1971 team. The team was led by the aging but still playing Klotz and included long time General, Sam Sawyer and Roy Kieval and his infamous, but certainly false, story of Saperstiens rage being unleashed.

Whatever else people will say about the '71 team, they managed to pull it all together one infamous night. And score one for underdogs everywhere, in a game that has almost become a piece of sports mythology.

And that isn't even counting they spent the rest of the season making arguably the most famous group of trotters look good during the height of their popularity.

But as good as those teams were, this Washington Generals fan thinks the best group of players ever assembled was the team that played the trotters way back in 1955.

Among this team, which was a MUCH better team than their win-loss record of the time would suggest, included...
  • William "Bill" Spivey - One of the first players I profiled in my Top Players post and for good reason. This 7' tall center, one of the tallest Washington Generals ever was poised for the NBA and legend. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time cost him the greatness he seemed destined for. But had fate dealt a different hand Spivey might have preceded Wilt Chamberlain as the first great big man in the sport. He also enjoyed a short but successful career in the ABL despite his setbacks. 
  • Med Park - A general who despite his size went on have one of the longest careers in the NBA of any General. Playing from 1955-60
  • Joe Smyth - Beginning his three year reign with the Washington Generals after finishing a year in the NBA. 
  • Benny Purcell - Who was drafted by the Baltimore Bullets in 1952 but never made the final cut, finding a home with the Washington Generals instead. 
  • Harvey Babetch - A former basketball star at Bradley University, who was drafted by the St. Lous Hawks but turned them down to play with the Generals. 
  • Herman Schayes - A longtime Washington General in the middle of his 6 year run with the team. 
  • Red Klotz - The great one himself who had 4 wins against the Harlem Globetrotters under his belt, and two more to come. Red was also a star player of the Generals original alter ego, the Philadelphia Spha's. And won an NBA title while playing for the Baltimore Bullets in 1948.
This was not the full team, as others came and went or played on one of their alter ego's during the season. But these alone show what was a great team, who would have been a force in any basketball league. Even if circumstances kept them from always being able to show it. 

This team, in a lot of ways, is the epitome of what I love about the Washington Generals. To me this team represented what I always saw the Washington Generals as. Even decades later when I saw my first game.

The Generals are a team of very talented players, who love the game enough to put their ego aside and help others bring out their best. All for the entertainment of the fans. 

In closing I leave you with an old film from Converse showing the 1955 team against the Globetrotters, led by Goose Tatum. With some extensive coverage of Spivey himself. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Best of the Guest Generals: John Meyer

John Meyer is a radio DJ from Connecticut. Originally from New York he now works for KC101.3 in Hamden, Connecticut. On February of 2011 John was asked to suit up and play with the Washington Generals against the Globetrotters.

John didn't have a very outstanding game against the trotter, missing both the 4-point shot and 3-point shot that Handles, yes Handles, gave him.

But unlike a lot of Guest Generals, especially radio ones who don't have the luxury of a news crew to work with, John had a really well edited and shot video. Which included a fun interview with Globetrotter "Hammer" Harrison.

Add to that Handles was doing showman duties for some reason, it looks like he was filling in for Special K, and the video managed to set itself apart form the standard Guest Generals fare.

The Generals lost that night, by a lot. Although I guess two points less than had Meyer not played. Meyer seemed to have fun, as did the crowd though. So as usual for a Generals game against the Globetrotters, everyone won.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Washington Generals Top Players: Eric Beal

Eric Beal
Eric Beal, in some ways, would almost seem destined to become a Washington General.

Always known for his straight minded approach to basketball and stoic attitude, Beal made a name for himself playing for Whitworth University. During his time playing for the Whitworth Pirates, Beal earned both 1st Team All Conference and 2nd Team West Region. As well as the team going to the NCAA tournament every year of his career.

Upon finishing his college career, Beal had not expected to play professional basketball. But fate had other plans for Eric when Washington Generals GM John Ferrari was watching film of a potential future Washington General. The General he was looking at however, was not Eric Beal.

But when Ferrari noticed Beal playing on the same film, he saw something he liked in the 6'0" Guard. Maybe it was Beal's ability to shoot from past the 3-point line. A talent needed more than ever with the invention of the 4-point shot. Maybe it was his speed and skill. But either way, Ferrari was intrigued.

The Generals contacted coach Jim Hayford and more film was sent. Ferrari and company liked what they saw and Eric was signed for a trip to Europe, and eventually to the current 2011-12 season.

Beal has been invaluable this season with his ability to land 3 and 4 point shots. He may not have helped them gain any wins, but he has managed to help keep the score tight and elevate the Globetrotters play. The true job of any good Washington General.

Beal has stated he will return next season, although he will be playing with the third unit. Which primarily fills in during some of the first and second teams games. Usually during extended stays as well as being eligible to be part of tours overseas. He plans to use the extra time to finish getting his degree in Whitworth.

Beal's path to professional basketball was an unlikely one, but in some ways maybe it was the one he was always meant to play.

Here is some highlights from Beal's time with Whitworth.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Some Interviews With Jonathan Avery

Greetings, it will be a short update today. But I wanted to share some videos I found of current Washington General Jonathan Avery from a few years back.

These are interviews he conducted during his time playing basketball for Indiana University/Perdue University (IUPUI) before joining the Generals.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

George Sutor Passes Away

George Sutor during his time with the
Minnesota Pipers of the ABA.
I just learned that last Monday, George Sutor, a member of the Washington Generals during the late 50's, passed away. He was injured in an ATV crash where he was ejected from his vehicle on August 5th. He died later of complications.

He played against Wilt Chamberlain both in college and during Chamberlain's time with the Harlem Globetrotters.

Sutor was a college standout in College playing for La Salle university, and in addition to his time with the Washington Generals played in the ABA from 1967-1970 playing for the Kentucky Colnols, Minnesota Pipers, Carolina Cougars, and Miami Floridans.

Sutor owned and ran "Big Sweede's Resort" on Highway 27 in Chippewa Falls.

This blog extends their prayers to Sutor's family and are certain he is now playing in that big basketball court in the sky.


Lake Holcombe's Big Swede's owner remembered for generous spirit

La Salle Mourns Loss Of Former Men's Basketball Standout George Sutor