Sunday, September 18, 2011

Best of the Guest Generals: Ashley Johncola

Ashley Johncola has worn many hats in her very short journalism career. Born in a suburb of Philadelphia, Johncola attended NYU. While there she majored in Broadcast Journalism and Politics. Ashley even briefley served as an intern for MTV during her time at NYU.

Upon graduating, Ashley joined Fox Toledo in Toledo, OH. She was originally hired on as the "Face of FOX Toledo" and did a wide variety of public appearances, commercials, and publicity for the station.

They ranged from doing commercials for shows currently airing on FOX Toledo, spots for local events, as well as things like playing as a Guest General. I would consider her most impressive feat, But I doubt that comes as a surprise to anyone.

The game was on December 29th at the Lucas County Arena. I wasn't able to find video of the game itself, but Ashley did an excellent and very funny commercial for her appearance. One that showed she was more than willing to have fun at her own expense.

It was good she had that attitude. At the game. when she finally went in, Ashley took a long time to make a shot. The Globetrotters eventually had to sit down on the court and wait. But as Johncola pointed out in a blog talking about the game, it only meant she got to be on the court longer. A perfect example of the Washington Generals showing there is more than one way to "win", if ever there was one.

In fact, Ashley showed good sportsmanship throughout the game. She was seen smiling the whole time, despite being the butt of the Trotters jokes. Not to mention she of course played on the losing team. Clearly this exemplified the winning attitude that made Fox Toledo want to show her as the face of their station in the first place.

Since the game, Ashley has risen in the ranks of Toledo's local news. She was the anchor for Fox Toledo's morning show for a year and a half. And she has since become a general reporter, covering much more serious topics then her time doing fun promos for them. It's a true testament to her talents that Johncola can now be seen as a serious reporter be local viewers despite her more "fluff piece" beginnings.

Ashley Johncola is someone who showed she can have fun and be a good sport. Even when losing and being the butt of jokes. And with Fox Toledo, she showed she could do a job that  meant entertaining and showing her less serious side, and use it to lead to bigger and better things.

That most definitley sounds like a woman worthy of being a Washington General.

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