Saturday, September 3, 2011

Washington Generals Top Players: Eric Beal

Eric Beal
Eric Beal, in some ways, would almost seem destined to become a Washington General.

Always known for his straight minded approach to basketball and stoic attitude, Beal made a name for himself playing for Whitworth University. During his time playing for the Whitworth Pirates, Beal earned both 1st Team All Conference and 2nd Team West Region. As well as the team going to the NCAA tournament every year of his career.

Upon finishing his college career, Beal had not expected to play professional basketball. But fate had other plans for Eric when Washington Generals GM John Ferrari was watching film of a potential future Washington General. The General he was looking at however, was not Eric Beal.

But when Ferrari noticed Beal playing on the same film, he saw something he liked in the 6'0" Guard. Maybe it was Beal's ability to shoot from past the 3-point line. A talent needed more than ever with the invention of the 4-point shot. Maybe it was his speed and skill. But either way, Ferrari was intrigued.

The Generals contacted coach Jim Hayford and more film was sent. Ferrari and company liked what they saw and Eric was signed for a trip to Europe, and eventually to the current 2011-12 season.

Beal has been invaluable this season with his ability to land 3 and 4 point shots. He may not have helped them gain any wins, but he has managed to help keep the score tight and elevate the Globetrotters play. The true job of any good Washington General.

Beal has stated he will return next season, although he will be playing with the third unit. Which primarily fills in during some of the first and second teams games. Usually during extended stays as well as being eligible to be part of tours overseas. He plans to use the extra time to finish getting his degree in Whitworth.

Beal's path to professional basketball was an unlikely one, but in some ways maybe it was the one he was always meant to play.

Here is some highlights from Beal's time with Whitworth.


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