Monday, September 19, 2011

Some Highlights From a Generals vs Globetrotters Game

Usually I don't devote whole post to highlights someone filmed from the stands and post on YouTube. Well... not anymore. I blame some of the early ones like that on my "finding my groove".

Regardless, I came across this video and had to make an exception. It's from the game earlier this year in Philadelphia.

It starts out with my favorite part, showing the Trotters but also the Generals making several nice shots. As well as some rare quality defense from our boys in Green and Gold. The announcer even said the words "Great defense from the Generals!" how often do you hear THAT sentence. (I tease the Generals out of love. We all know the reason their defense is often lacking.)

I am kind of surprised the Generals were guarding them so well actually. Maybe someone ticked them off before the game.

It also had the Generals with a 9 point lead at the beginning. I love when that happens, even though I know it will never last. It's all about the small victories when you are a Washington Generals fan.

It also includes some nice up close video of the bucket of confetti ream, the purse ream (which varied slightly from their usual spiel, which was nice), and the Globetrotter Football ream.

The guy that filmed this had a good seat and a good camera. The shots are clear and up close and you can hear what Big Easy and the rest of the Globetrotters are saying perfectly. Definitley a fun video, and one Generals and Trotter fans should enjoy.

And does anyone know what the name of the kid the guy had with him is. I just can't for the life of me figure it out.

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