Monday, September 12, 2011

Best Of The Guest Generals: Patrick Hammer

Patrick Hammer has been a meteorologist for 5 Eyewitness News in Minneapoplis for the last six years. Prior to that he has worked at San Francisco, Seattle, and Albuquerque.

He holds the seal of approval for Television Weathercasting from the AMS (American Meteorological Society). In 2003 he also won an Emmy award for covering the Rocky Mountain Fires and Drought conditions.

He is also a fly-fisher and snow skier. Yes, Patrick Hammer has done a lot. But one thing he can't do is play basketball. Or so the Globetrotters thought.

But in April of 2011 at the Target Center, Hammer did in fact hurt them.

When he came onto the court, first he botched up Special K's set-up for his "You're on TV? With that face?" gag, which I loved. Especially since I am sure Hammer didn't realize he did that. Only a loser would know the Guest General routine well enough to know that was coming.

Wait a minute!

Anyway, Hammer than took the ball as Special K offered him a 4-point shot with no defense.

It is something that the Globetrotters have been offering the Guest Generals all season, and likely a part of the bit that will continue. While I don't have the record of every Guest General, to my knowledge the first and only other Guest General to successfully make the shot was Michaela Johnson. Who scored it against Big Easy and the Globetrotters, which was covered in my first ever entry in the "Best of the Guest Generals".

But on this night, ironically less than a week later, the other Globetrotter team led by "Special K" was in for the same surprise! As Patrick Hammer became the second Guest General to successfully make the 4-point shot.

Special K, to his credit, recovered faster than Big Easy and his team did. With a quick "Hey man, I'm just as surprised as you are."

Earlier in the week Hammer had aired a story of him being trained for the game by Harlem Globetrotters. Can't fault the Globetrotters on their good sportsmanship, but maybe they shouldn't train the competition so much.

Although as a Washington Generals fan, maybe I should wish for them to train the competition more.


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