Saturday, September 17, 2011

No "Top Player" Entry This Week

Photo by Penn State Live.
Used under creative commons.
I just wanted to take a quick moment to tell everyone there will not be a "Top Player" entry this week.

Things got busy this week, as I have noted this blog is just a hobby so sometimes life gets in the way, and I wasn't able to write the Top Player entry. I pretty much had the option of throwing out something half hazard at the last minute, or falling even further behind.

The thing is, that when I do a Top Player entry I don't just have this info on these guys off the top of my head. I have to research about them and then compile it into a post. I will leave it up to you guys if I do it successfully, but I definitley try my best.

Trying to cram all of that into a couple of hours to meet the deadline, would have likely made the post look as rushed as it was.

The main reason I write the "Top Player" post, is to give the men (and woman) who took on the vital, but mostly thankless job of playing for the Generals, the respect I feel they deserve.As well as showing the great people, and talented basketball players behind the "loser" they portray.

So I decided, both in the interest of giving out the best post I can and out of respect for the next "Top Player" entry, I would take this week off from them. I apologize to anyone this news disappoints.

I wish I could simply do this blog full time and things like this would never happen. It would certainly beat my real job. Unfortunately, I have to work at a meat packing plant to pay the bills instead.

I will have a "Best of the Guest Generals" post up tomorrow and will be back on track. I hope everyone else has a great weekend.

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