Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Demetrius Graham In Action

For todays update I am sharing a YouTube video I found of Washington General, Demetrius Graham in action during his college days at Clarion University.

Demetrius has been with the Washington Generals for the last three years. Demetrius Graham stands in at 5'5" which means he is usually dwarfed by the much taller globetrotters as well as his team mates.

As such, he is often used for the comical bits; His size making him a great foil for the likes of "Special K" and "Big Easy".

He tends to get slightly more notice than a lot of his team mates, due to being on the team so many years, his height and being a common foil on the comedy bits.

But what most fans don't realize is that Demetrius is also a REALLY good basketball player. Lets be honest, to get a gig with a professional basketball team at that height, be it the Miami Heat, Euro League, or the Washington generals, you have to be something special.

And as the footage YouTube user alwhite21 showed, Graham is most definitley that.

Demetrius is not currently listed on the roster of the Generals home page. And I know he was on there before. So that leads me to think he is no longer with the team. Although it can be hard to tell at times, as they have more than one team traveling and don't exactly list their players coming and goings in press releases.

If Demetrius is no longer with the Generals, I wish him the best of luck in whatever the future holds for him. He is truly one of a kind in a team full of players that are one of a kind.

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