Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Future General In The Making?

Ok probably more like a future WNBA player in the making, although the Generals could sure use her. But here is a YouTube video of the Globetrotters doing trick shots with UCONN's own Husky, Caroline Doty.

For those who haven't heard Caroline Dotty of the UCONN Huskies has been out with an ACLU but had taken YouTube by storm recently with her video of some insane trick shots. (You can CLICK HERE to check that out. Although the sound seems to not be working) She recently worked out with and shot hoops with the Globetrotters.

I got to say I am not sure which one had the more impressive trick shots. That through one hoop into the other hoop shot was insane. I don't want to play Horse with any of these three.

It is a shame about her ACLU injury because she would have been an awesome Guest General that night. Of course the Trotters might have been afraid she would upstage them.

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