Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Generals Competition Drafts Six New Players

First of all, I apologies for being so late posting today. Some personal issues came up, and I didn't have time to finish the Randomness article and set it to auto post. 

However, due to some big news that has just come out in Washington Generals/Globetrotter land the "Randomness" post is moved to tomorrow. As I wanted to report this news to anyone who hasn't heard yet. 

Always keeping up with the Generals opposition I am reporting that the Harlem Globetrotters have drafted six new players to become the next generation of thorns in the Washington Generals side.

They include...

  • Jacob Tucker - From Illinois College, and winner of the Denny's Slam Dunk Contest. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON TUCKER!
  • Darnell Wilks - From  University of Cincinatti and Co-MVP of the 2010-11 season. Based on some of the insane Dunks Wilks has performed in his career, he is definitley a natural for the Trotters and assuming he doesn't burn out on their insane schedule could go very far. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON WILKS!
  • Andrew Goudelock - From College of Charleston and fifth leading scorer in the nation his senior year. He was also the winner of the College 3-point contest. Goudelock is high in the NBA Draft this Thursday however, so don't be surprised if he doesn't end up playing for the Trotters. If he doesn't get picked in the NBA Draft, he will likley prove invaluable next season with the 4-point shots. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON GOUDELOCK!
  • Jordan McCabe - A 12 year old player from Beaver Lake Middle School in Seattle, WA (yes, you read that right.). The Trotters are exercising a "Future Discovery Clause" for Jordan to play for them after he graduates college. An online video showing McCabe's dribbling and ball tricks went viral a little while back and caught the attention of the Trotters. No idea how official this is or if it is just a symbolic thing, but I have seen the video and even at 13 when I saw his tricks I thought, "Future Globetrotter". So he could do big things for them. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON McCABE!
  • Paul Sturgess - From Mountain State University, Sturgess stands at 7'8" and is the tallest basketball player ever in college history. Sturgess will be playing in front of NBA and D-League scouts this week, so he is not a lock as one would assume if drafted by the NBA he would take it. Although many critics have felt that despite his size he has not shown NBA quality skills. But the Globetrotters are always looking for a hook and a 7'8" Center would serve their "entertainment" form of basketball in ways the NBA wouldn't necessarily have need for. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON STURGESS!
  • Lionel Messi - May be the most outside the box pick of the draft (although McCabe is some stiff competition). Messi is a soccer star who currently plays for FC Barcelona and the Argentina national team. All of the news I have been able to find about his being drafted, at least that go into any detail, are not written in English. So I have no idea how a soccer star like Messi found himself drafted by the Globetrotters. CLICK HERE FOR MESSI'S WIKIPEDIA ENTRY!

The Washington Generals are no doubt breathing a sigh of relief that Shaq has not accepted Dizzy's offer to play for the Globetrotters. Can't say I am shocked by that news. 

It is far from a given we will see all of these guys playing against the Generals next season, and obviously McCabe won't be donning the Red, White and Blue for a while. 

Goudelock is very likely to find himself picked up by at least the D-League in the upcoming draft and Sturgess may very well not prove to be ready for the NBA right now, but at his size it seems hard to believe he hasn't been considered for at least the D-League. Although personally I think the Trotters would be a much better home for him. (Note: Despite what I read earlier I checked again and Sturgess is not listed in the draft prospects.)

Messi also seems more like one of their "gimmick" picks and I have a feeling he won't be with the Globetrotters for the long haul. Although, since I can't find much info on how he ended up on the team it is possible that there is something I don't know. And my friends and family well tell you, I don't know a whole heck of a lot. 

Still, Tucker and Wilks alone prove the Generals have their work cut out for them, possibly for years to come considering McCabe's potential. But I have no doubt that the our boys in Green and Gold will rise to the occasion. Even if they don't pick up an elusive victory the Generals will no doubt help elevate any or all of the above players game to the next level. 

There has been no news on the Washington Generals draft. Although as noted before, Adam Powell did sign on for the upcoming tour in China. As always, stay tuned and as soon as I hear more I will report it here. 

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