Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Randomness - 31st Edition

Red Klotz in his prime.
I am pretty much over hearing about the Dan Gilbert thing. It's good PR for the Generals but it's been weeks, hasn't the sports world moved on? That being said, this was a funny humorous article on it so for the last time I will share a Dan Gilbert article with you. Unless of course he mans up and takes Klotz on their offer. Anyway to read the article CLICK HERE!

Jacob Tucker, rookie Harlem Globetrotter, has been getting a lot of press this week and last in preparation for the North America tour. With his YouTube stardom and being highly publicized it should do good to get the Globetrotters name out there. Which of course is good for the Generals as well. I found one of his better interviews of the week, where he pokes some goodhearted fun at the Generals also. But what else do you expect from someone from the rival team? To read it CLICK HERE!

In closing here is a great article on Red Klotz from last year that I don't think I shared before. CLICK HERE!

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