Monday, December 12, 2011

Best Of The Guest Generals: Nick Vitale

Nick Vitale, a seasoned actor, emcee and journalist entered and won a contest in 2009 to become the "Face of FOX43", the local FOX affiliate in Portsmouth, VA.

The position is one common to FOX affiliates. It means making numerous public appearances, as well as promos and other various duties for the local station. One thing many "Faces if FOX" have done is be recruited as a Guest General when the Washington Generals come to town to face the Harlem Globetrotters. Vitale was no exception.

While some of the "Best of the Guest Generals" get their spot on this blog for playing above par to their many counterparts... Vitale was not one of them.

The reason he is being mentioned here as one of "illustrious" Guest Generals, is his YouTube video he created about his spot.

I liked it because in addition to the standard interviews with coach Reggie Harrison (who Guest Generals love to interview, which is no surprise as he is every bit the Showman the Trotters are.) and Harlem Globetrotter Special K, but also gave a lot of face time to then Washington General Antoine Maddox. And as regulars on this blog know, I am all for journalist giving a Washington General player some good face time.

His video also stood out in that it had a very off the cuff, sort of MTV style editing job to it. Which made it a lot of fun to watch and both Vitale and the people he interviewed were definitely "on" that night. Special K's crack about the video game was also some very good ad libbing. The guy is one of the best Globetrotter Showmen ever in my book, largely beacause of stuff like this. He is just great at both the ad libbing as well as following the reams.

It was not a good night for the Generals. It's no surprise they lost, but they lost big that night. Despite his best efforts Vitale was not able to turn the teams luck around.

Regardless, he clearly was having fun, and I also liked him thanking the Washington Generals at the end. When most thank the Globetrotters not realizing that despite their working relationship, they are not the same team.

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