Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Old Spice MANta Caluse Has A Gift Under The Generals Tree

The Old Spice Guy, AKA "The Man You Women Wish Your Man Could Smell Like" is giving gifts away to all 7-million of the world this Christmas. On his second day last week on the 6th, he gave a gift to the Washington Generals.

I love that something this high profile as old spice is giving my favorite team a shout out, so I wanted anyone who hasn't seen it to get a look at it now.

Don't give up hope Generals, many people do still believe in you.

Update: Some of you may have noticed that the computer readout said "26 gifted". If anyone is wondering where they would have gotten that number, 26 are how many players are currently on the roster through the various touring teams. According to the current roster listing on the Generals website. So kudos to whoever made it for going to the effort to look that up (assuming I guess, they didn't contact the Generals for that) since most would have simply put "5" or "12" aka the size of a normal basketball team.

You can view the rest of the MANta Claus gifts on Old Spice's YouTube Channel.

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