Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Randomness Week 27 (more news on Thomas Bashlines Murder)

The New Jersey Reds vs The Harlem Globetrotters.
Photo courtesy of the Benedictine University Library.
Used under Creative Commons 
Some pictures from one of the games in France between the Global Select and Harlem Globetrotters can be viewed HERE!

Harlem Globetrotter, and former Washington General, Dizzy Grant will be part of the "Show Your Soft Side" campaign. Which is developed by the city of Baltimore to combat animal abuse. As an animal lover I definitley approve. To read about it CLICK HERE!

The case of the murder of Thomas Bashline which I reported earlier, took a new and unexpected turn as the police have arrested the alleged killer. If you want the details CLICK HERE! 

A blog called The Adventures of Kelli and David gave a rundown of watching the game last weekend in France. A nice account and always nice to see adults appreciating the Globetrotters game. To read it CLICK HERE!

I found a movie review of "Go, Man, Go!". Which was the second movie the Globetrotters did in 1954. To read the review CLICK HERE!

A family website for the Walsh Family has some photos from a game a few years back between the Generals and the Globetrotters. CLICK HERE!

I just found an article on Red Klotz from a while back that asks what I have been asking on this blog more than once, which is why Red Klotz is not in the Hall of Fame? To read it CLICK HERE!

In the latest on the Washington Generals current identity crisis they played in Qatar as the "Global Select". I have no idea what this means, although I do NOT like that they aren't playing as the Generals. Here is hoping this doesn't carry over to the North America tour come December.

Here is a video out of the introduction to both the Select and the Globetrotters. While I am complaining I want to say that it annoys me that they aren't currently introducing the players by name when they come out. I know people come to see the Globetrotters, but the Generals deserve recognition too. Although who knew Reggie Harrison led a number of teams into Championship matches. Maybe they are including the International Elite, and World Select. If so he led a number of teams with stupid names into championship matches.

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