Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Annahar TV Highlights The Elite's Game In Lebanon

Annahar TV posted a video showing highlights from one of the games in Lebanon between the International Elite and the Harlem Globetrotters.

I am giving it it's own post in part because it is the kind of video I love. Well edited, great music, and well placed clips. It is also one of the few videos from a professional TV station to feature clips of not just the Globetrotters impressive shots, but some great shot by the Elite as well.

It shows a big difference between the way the Generals (technically Elite this game, but not like they are fooling anyone) are precived in a lot of the overseas markets where they don't play as often.

While most North American fans and fans in European Countries where the Trotters frequent too often dismiss the Generals as "the guys who lose", in markets like Lebanon where the Trotters are a rarity the Generals are seen more as what they are. A vital part of the overall show.

The other thing in the video that shows the difference not regularly playing in a country makes as well. In the bucket of confetti show check out the adults ducking for cover. How often do you see grown men and women falling for THAT in North America?

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  1. God love the Washington Generals!

    I spent 12 consecutive years sitting on the Generals bench and hanging out in the dressing room in Toronto, Canada at Maple Leaf Gardens. Some of those years were the New jersey Reds era of the tradition. I suppose I am the Generals "Super Ball Boy".

    Watching Red Klotz sink three pointers during his pre game exercise sessions and enjoying all things Green & Gold.

    Bill Campion, Super Sam Sawyer, Tony & Bruce Davenport, Kevin Smith, Cliff Johnson, Gerald Hooks and many more...

    Amazing memories that I will hold close to my heart forevermore.

    May all past, current and future Generals "Keep Believing", a win is just a swish away... Best Regards