Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Generals Have A Second Identity For Their Tour of France and Lebanon

Generals/Select/Elite player
Jimmie Miles in Global Select uniform
In an earlier post covering the tour of Lebanon, I mentioned how a report of one of their games in Lebanon reffered to the Globetrotters opponents as the "World Select". Since I hadn't seen any other reference of that name and it was simmilar to "International Elite", I wasn't sure if it wasn't some kind of translation snafu. Turns out it wasn't.

At recent coverage of the French tour, although early games were against the International Elite, I found definite proof of the Generals using the World Select identity as well. Specifically at the November 12th game in Geneve.

I am not sure what the deal is with the Generals playing under a new alias. When it first happened at the Lebanon games, I thought maybe they didn't want such a militaristic name for their opponent in that country.

But France wouldn't have that problem, and in fact the Washington Generals play over there regularly. Meaning some of their fans are probably as puzzled by this as I am.

I am theorizing, and so far it's only a theory as I haven't found any definite explenation, that with both of them having such a general international name, that perhaps they are trying out giving a name that would feel less Americanized for the Trotters opponents overseas. It would make some sense seeing as how the Harlem Globetrotters are at home anywhere, but having an opponent with an American name does make it seem more like an American show visiting another country.

Either way, I really hope this isn't some permanent change. As I have said before I hate it when the Generals go under another name. It just never feels like a Globetrotter game when they aren't playing the Washington Generals. They are their opponents and are as iconic as the Globetrotters. Superman never replaced Lex Luthor with Joe Smith after all.

It seemed like the Globetrotter had realized this back in 2008 when they went back to the Washington Generals name. So this change is really puzzling. The upcoming game in Quatar does list it as the Washington Generals playing the Globetrotters.

Although since the game is right after their tour of France ends, I am assuming it will be the same team that has been playing in Lebanon and France. So I am wondering if the opposing team being the "Generals" hasn't changed? Or else the Quatar media just made the obvious assumption it would be the Generals.

Here's hoping that this isn't a permanent change, and/or one that will happen in the North America tour. Their game here in Oklahoma City this January will be the first time my nephew sees the Washington Generals play the Globetrotters. I'll be disappointed if he sees them as the "World Select" or "International Elite". I guess the true test will be when the North America tour starts next month.

Once I find out more I will be sure to keep everyone updated.

And on a final note... "World Select" is a lousy name for a team. If the Trotters made the, in my opinion ill advised decision, to once again ask Ferrari and Klotz to change the team name long term, I REALLY hope that one doesn't stick.

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