Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Randomness Week 28

Military Photo in the public domain.
I'm a couple hours early. But since it was finished I decided to post the "Randomness" post now.

First of all I got quoted in the latest blog entry on Jews in Sports at the blog "Gather The Jews" and no, I am not either Jewish or in Sports. But they the latest blog entry on Jews in sports was on the most awesome Jewish basketball player ever, Red Klotz and the Washington Generals. I highly reccomend reading the blog entry and not simply beacause I got a mention in it, but it is a great article on a great man. By someone who "gets it". You can read the blog entry by CLICKING HERE! 

Jewocity.com put up their list of the top 10 Jewish Basketball stars. Among the list were a few names familiar to the Washington Generals. Most notable and predictably were Red Klotz (at #10) and Nancy Lieberman (at #2). Also on the list were Harold S. "Bunny" Levitt (at #8), who traveled putting on a free throw exhibition with the Globetrotters for a time, and Adolph "Dolph" Schayes, the older brother of former Washington General Herman Schayes, topped the list at #1. To see the whole list CLICK HERE!

Over on the Globetrotter side of things, the Trotters have been billing their own Tiny Strugess, their newest rookie center, as "the tallest professional basketball player ever." But the Guinness World Records made it official. As famous Washington Generals fan Krusty the Clown might say, "The Generals need to bring a ladder to the floor!". You can read more by CLICKING HERE!

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