Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekly Playing Schedule For The Week Of 11/06/2011 - 11/12/2011

The Washington Generals continue their tour of France for their second and final week, hitting six cities. They will then finish off the week with a game in Geneva, Switzerland.

Here is the schedule for the second week of their French tour and their Switzerland game.

11/06/11 - At the Centre Sportif Intercommunal in Selestat, France at 4:00PM - BUY TICKETS
11/07/11 - At the Le Tarmac in Chateauroux, France at 8:00PM - BUY TICKETS
11/08/11 - At the Cosec de St Chamard in Avigon, France at 8:00PM - BUY TICKETS
11/09/11 - At the Centre Omnisports in Agen, France at 8:00PM - BUY TICKETS
11/10/11 - At the Palais des Sports in Bayonne, France at 8:00PM - BUY TICKETS
11/11/11 -  At the Palais des Sports in Tours, France at 8:00PM - BUY TICKETS
11/12/11 - At the Arena Genf in Geneva, Switzerland at 8:00PM - BUY TICKETS

I encourage anyone in France or Switzerland that week to go out and support the Generals as they help the Globetrotters bring out their best. And bring a kid if possible, nothing beats watching the game through the eyes of a child.

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