Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekly Playing Schedule For The Week Of 10/30/2011 - 11/05/2011

Here is the playing schedule for the Washington Generals in the upcoming week. In addition to the final day of their Lebanon Tour, which I mentioned last week, the Generals will be traveling to France once more until November 12th. Here is the list of games for the first leg of the latest tour.

Incedently, some footage from the Lebanon tour has surfaced, and it looks like the new players have allready started. So look for some of the rookie class to be on hand too. So you can look to get a look at them in action before anyone else.

10/30/11 - At the Michel el Murr Stadium in Beirut, Lebanon at 1:00PM - BUY TICKETS
10/30/11 - At the Michel el Murr Stadium in Beirut, Lebanon at 6:00PM - BUY TICKETS

11/02/11 - At the Palais des Sports in Beauvais, France at 8:00PM - BUY TICKETS
11/03/11 - At the Palais des Sports in Le Harve, France at 8:00PM - BUY TICKETS
11/04/11 - At the  Palais des Sports in Berck sur Mer, France  at 8:00PM - BUY TICKETS
11/05/11 - At the Palais des Sports in Chalons-en-Champagne, France at 8:00PM - BUY TICKETS

If any of you will be in France at any of the locations, I encourage you to go out and support the Generals in a night of family fun. 

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