Saturday, October 1, 2011

Best of the Guest Generals: John Kentra

Many players for the Harlem Globetrotters have mentioned that playing for that team is dream come true. But in 2010 in San Diego, the Washington Generals made John Kentra's own dream come true.

In 1979 Kentra, who was then playing college ball for United States International University, dropped his resume off with the security guard at The Sports Arena. He asked the guard if he would take the resume to Red Klotz, but understandably was skeptical it would make it to Red, or if he would read it.

To his surprise he spotted Klotz holding the manila envelope his resume was in the entire game. What was even better, he received a letter from Klotz two weeks later asking him to try out.

Unfortunately, Kentra suffered a knee injury and was not able to attend the tryouts, and his dream of playing for the Generals died. Or did it?

Cut to just over 30 years later in 2010, and Kentra finally got his chance to don the green and gold. Now a radio D.J. with XX 190 in San Diego, Kentra was offered to play with the team as a "Guest General" for the game at The Sports Arena in San Diego. The very same arena that Kentra tried to get in with the Generals decades ago.

Despite being in the best shape he had been in years, following a heart attack, the Generals lost to the Globetrotters that day. But to someone who once tried to be a member of the Washington Generals, I'm not sure Kentra would have wanted it any other way.

The Globetrotters have helped make the dreams come true for many people over the years. But sometimes, even their long time nemesis can make it happen.

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