Sunday, July 17, 2011

Washington Generals Top Players: Sean McCartney

Photo courtesy of Sean McCartney.
Used with permission.
Whether it is as a Washington General, a basketball coach, a teacher or a writer, Sean McCartney seemed destined to help entertain and mold young people.

Born in 1971 (the year the New Jersey Red's shocked the world!), Sean McCartney first started playing basketball at Glen Oak High school, before graduating and attending college at Alfred University in upstate New York. Where he also played basketball.

McCartney graduated from Alfred in 1993 with a bachelors in Communications. From there he was recruited to play for the Washington Generals and went on to play two seasons with the team. His second season was the last one the team played as the Generals before changing their name to the New York Nationals.

After completing his second tour with the team, Sean returned to Alfred where he earned his masters degree in Education and began to find his true calling as a teacher. The man who had pent two years helping the Globetrotters make kids laugh was now helping shape them for the future.

Sean became a teacher and for a while coached basketball at, ironically enough,Washington High School. He taught at Glenwood Middle School in Plain Township, OH and currently is employed at Plain Local Schools in Canton, OH.

But during his teaching career Sean turned to his other love, writing.

He began writing a series of books called the "Treasure Hunters Club". A young adult series about a teenage boy and his famous treasure hunting uncle. The books are considered a cross between Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys and Indiana Jones. The teams world travels are likely inspired by McCartney's own two years of traveling around the world himself as a General.

His first book, "Secrets of the Magical Medalions" came out in July of 2010, it was successful enough to warrant a second book in May 7th 2011, titled "Breaking the Beal Code".

Whether he is teaching kids in the classroom, or helping them discover the joys of reading as an author, Sean has spent most of his adult life in one way or another inspiring youngsters and helping them bring out their full potential. In that sense, he exemplifies some of the best things that a Washington General stands for.

Check out the trailer for "Breaking the Beale Code"

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