Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekly Playing Schedule For The Week Of 7/24/11-7/30/11

And once again it is that time, as I give you guys the schedule for the Washington Generals games next week.

The Generals finish up their games in the Orbas arena before continuing their tour of Argentine before making a stop at Paraguay.

The schedule is as follows

7/24/11 - At the Obras, in Buenos Aries, Argentina at 3:30PM - BUY TICKETS
7/24/11 - At the Obras, in Buenos Aries, Argentina at 7:30PM - BUY TICKETS

7/25/11 - At the Estadio Delmi in Salta, Argentina at 9:00PM 
7/27/11 - At the Coliseo Don Bosco in Sunchales, Argentina at 8:30PM
7/28/11 - At the Club Echague in Parana, Argentina at 9:00PM
7/29/11 - At the Club Regatas in Corrientes, Argentina at 7:00PM
7/30/11 - At the Leon Condu in Asuncion, Paraguay at 7:00PM

If you will be in the area during any of these games than as usual I encourage you to go down and show your support for the Washington Generals. 

And on a final note, speaking of the Obras, here is a video a fan took of "Globetrotter Football" at the Obras. 

If anyone knows what the heck that is in the lower right hand corner feel free to tell me also. 

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